Get Instant Shower Storage for Less Than $20

Need more shower storage? I definitely did! There's nothing worse than trying to get clean while bottles and soap containers are falling on your toes. Instead of adding shelves or making a more permenant (read: expesnvie) change to my shower, I came up with a simple solution! I used a tension rod, shower baskets, and some curtain hooks to create more shower space. It's simple and space saving.
Time: 10 MinutesCost: $18Difficulty: Easy
  • tension rod shower storage, bathroom ideas, storage ideas
-Tension Rod
-Shower Baskets
-Shower Clips
-Metal Curtain Clips
  • tension rod shower storage, bathroom ideas, storage ideas
STEP 1: Prepare your tension rod
Remove the rubber end of your tension rod and slide all of the shower clips and curtain hooks onto the rod.
  • tension rod shower storage, bathroom ideas, storage ideas
STEP 2: Attach shower clips to baskets
Feed the shower clips through the holes of the shower baskets on each end allowing it to hang from the tension rod.
  • tension rod shower storage, bathroom ideas, storage ideas
STEP 3: Add your rod to the shower
Hang your rod against the wall of your shower.
  • tension rod shower storage, bathroom ideas, storage ideas
STEP 4: Hang your bottles
Clip bottles and wash rags with the curtain hooks and fill up your baskets with fitting items. (I used shallow baskets with the intent of keeping smaller items in it, however, there is a plethora of basket options at the dollar store that would be more suitable than larger items as well.)
  • tension rod shower storage, bathroom ideas, storage ideas

Suggested materials for this project:

  • Tension Rod  (A 99 store)
  • Shower Clips  (Dollar Tree)
  • Metal Curtain Clips  (Bed Bath and Beyond)
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    • It says in the list, Bed, Bath & Beyond. Walmart has them too.
    • Yes! Debbie is right. They are not in the bathroom aisles though. They can be found by the drapes section. ;)
    • Sometimes dollar stores have these clips.
    • I found them on Amazon CHEAP!
      Cynthia MCynthia M Kansas City, MO · answered Jun 10, 2016
    • Ikea has the clips for hanging curtains.
      MiekeMieke Netherlands · answered Jun 10, 2016
    • I found them at Home Depot!
      SandySandy · answered Jun 10, 2016
    • Ross carries them cheap
    • Thank you everyone for the info! I love this idea!
      DannetteDannette Antioch, CA · answered Jun 10, 2016
    • Ikea has them too
    • They are actually drapery clips.
    • found them in both Big lots and dollar store.. but def. Big lots
    • I found these clips at Walmart :)
    • For most of that you could use little Command Hooks and forget the rod and shower hooks.
    • Yes but thats a whole differrent look.
      JoiJoi Citrus Heights, CA · answered Dec 18, 2017

    • No they will not rust. Shower curtain hanger clips....
    • Since they are intended for drapery, they might rust.Spraying them thoroughly with Rustoleum clear enamel may prevent the rust. I have used them outdoors with no problems.
      JudyJudy Norfolk, VA · answered Jun 10, 2016
    • I use these clips for my shower curtain. Haven't rusted yet and its been several years.
    • You could try using plastic laundry pegs also.
      JudyJudy Australia · answered Jun 10, 2016
    • All good ideas 😉
    • The $ store sells plastic or whatever clips. They can be sanitized , and used repeatedly...just not sure how environmentally friendly they are. Great idea, thanks...I love tension rods!
      BetsyBetsy Springfield, MA · answered Jun 11, 2016
    • Or you could use clear nail polish in lieu of the clear enamel.
      J. JacobsJ. Jacobs Kalispell, MT · answered Jun 11, 2016
    • Im goin' do this . I'll drill the bottom of the baskets , water can drain out.
    • Im goin' do this . I'll drill the bottom of the baskets , water can drain out.
    • Great idea....but all of my shower products are in bottles that would not clip on . Guess they could all go in baskets.
    • Great idea for the shower and you/ we could also use this idea in other areas of the home as long as the shower rod is tightly put with no fail to fall.. Great idea!!! Thank you :)
      LynnLynn Fort Myers, FL · answered Jun 25, 2016
    • Great idea Amanda.
    • Good down low with baskets for tub toys!

    • It hasn't fallen on me at all... I would just make sure it is really tightly fit between the walls. I will let ya know if something happens :/
    • It shouldn't fall. I hang wet clothes on a tension rod in my laundry room between a wall and cabinet and it hasn't fallen yet.
    • I do the same as Ann. I hung a tension rod in the doorway of my laundry room and hang clothes on it as I take them out of dryer. You just need to make sure the rod is real snug. This is a great idea! I may try it in my shower so I can take the corner shelving out and have more space.
      ShelleyShelley Roseville, CA · answered Jun 12, 2016
    • I have an extra rod that hangs between the walls of a marble tub enclosure. Hang heavy wet clothes from it all the time. No problems. It's been up for 4 years.
    • I had one fall and break the built in ceramic soap dish. Unfortunately, I did not get it fixed quickly enough and my 16 year old cut her hip on the broken edge and required 32 stitches. A Pinterest fail for mom with eternal guilt!
    • I have a long plastic "s" style hanger (maybe originally for belts?) hanging inside my tension-rod shower curtain for swimming suits & towels. I can hang three sopping wet towels and three swimming suits on it, and the curtain rod hasn't fallen yet.
    • I hung one in my daughter's closet and hung all her shirts on it. Just have to make sure it's tight.
    • They make end pieces that can be screwed into the wall and the tension rod slides into the end pieces
    • Yes, Bob, they do. That's what I was thinking and would do but my shower is 100% tile; no Sheetrock exposed. I could get a concrete bit and go through the tile but...........I think I am afraid water might seep in an around a screw and then mold would result within the wall. But, yes, you are correct if a tension rod makes some uneasy.
    • Lynn if you cover screw with silicone caulking it will seal any openings and protect screw from rust.
    • From what I can tell, that rod won't fall from weight. It may slip down a touch but once the rubber ends hit the top of the tiles, it won't fall down any more. If you put the rod on the tiles to begin with, it may fall down from weight.
    • Use a good silicone( GE one of the best). Squirt it into your drilled hole before you insert screw. Not only will it help to hold screw but will seal threads. Screw in your fixture and just dap a bit of silicone on top and sides of each screw. Clean up or trim after it dries.
    • Years ago, I put an extra tension rod in the shower in the center of the tub, but much higher than the front shower rod. It has worked great for hanging hand washed delicates, and wet or damp rain gear. but,I never thought of also getting the clamps for body wash, etc. Thanks for the tip. Because it's higher, you don't bump your head when in the shower.
      GailGail Marshall, MI · answered Sep 29, 2016

    • They are a type of curtain ring
      HeatherHeather White Lake, MI · answered Sep 29, 2016
    • They are at Joann's in their upholstery fabric department.
    • They sell them onAmazon. I put them on drawer handles in kitchen to hold towels.
    • Bath and Body Works had them as well. In the drapery department
    • Walmart sells them in their curtain aisle
      BeckyBecky Canada · answered Sep 29, 2016
    • I think they are used more as drapery hooks than shower clips. Look in the drapery hardware section.
      LuciaLucia East Sandwich, MA · answered Sep 29, 2016
    • Bed, Bath & Beyond has them in the drapery department!
      I SaldanaI Saldana Hoopeston, IL · answered Sep 29, 2016
    • Clip a net bag to hold bath toys so they drain.
      JenniferJennifer Andalusia, AL · answered Sep 29, 2016
    • IKEA has them also

    • Great idea, Colleen Wells. I guess it would depend on the bottle type, but I will certainly do this with the squeeze type. I wonder how I could refill them from other bottles.
    • That is really up to you. You can do it either way
    • Use a funnel to fill, like when you marry ketcup
    • "marry ketchup"?
    • When you put two partially filled bottles of ketchup together to make one fuller bottle.
      Karen JKaren J Troy, NY · answered Dec 18, 2017

    • It might help if you extend the tension rod a couple more twists. That should do the trick. It will be just a bit harder to put up but that means it will be harder to pull down, too. :)
    • the rod itself is adjustable, once on the wall, using both hands, rotate to make tighter
    • Most of the rods have to be twisted one way to increase in length and the other way to decrease in length. Sounds like you might need to put it in place where you want it & then give it an extra twist to keep it firmly attached. If this doesn't work, you could probably put something underneath it to have it rest on, like nailing something to the wall for each side to brace it.
      JillJill Oklahoma City, OK · answered Sep 29, 2016
    • Either the tension is not tight enough or the space is too wide for your rod.
    • Also if you are buying the new style tension rods they do not work as well. I finally threw my new fancy one away and went back to the old style.
    • I had one that slipped down all th etime. I used some of that rubbery shelving liner, snipped a square inch and placed it between the end of the rod and the wall. Worked like a charm
    • WOW, Jude, great suggestion. Thanks!!
    • You might have too much weight attached for the rod to hold.
    • for extra support if you have tile, place your rod just above the tile for added support.
    • You might have too much weight on your tension rod. Also, make sure that the wall underneath the rubber tip is clean. Use a little rubbing alcohol to make sure the wall is clean and then place the tension rod back in place. If it still slides down, you probably need a new rubber tip which can be purchased at your local hardware store.
    • I had the same problem when I had to replace a broken rod. I went to the closet section of Lowe's and bought a couple of those little plastic cup-shaped holders for closet rods. They support the rod far better than tension alone. You can either screw them into the wall or glue them.
      JaneJane Albuquerque, NM · answered Sep 29, 2016
    • Jill has the right idea. Hardware store has them, used to support clothes rods in closets.. they are perfect for this.
    • Make sure the shower wall is completely dry before putting up the rod. Any moisture under the rod will make it slip.
    • Thank you all for your help and answers. I'm going to try yours Jude, first. Again, THANK YOU.
      KarenKaren Manteca, CA · answered Sep 29, 2016
    • Shower rods come with type ends . I had the same trouble until I replaced the ends with the ones that are totally flat and are about 2 inches across where it touches the wall. Once it's tight it's not going anyplace. Hope that helps.
    • Sorry that's 2 type end.
    • Make the rod about 1/4 inch longer than you that nk it needs. Then "walk" it up the wall, one side then the other, over and over, until it's at the night you need

  • Rust?
    • You could probably use clear nail polish, or waterproof modpodge glue to seal the metal. I wondered about the rust issue too.
    • I think a varnish of some sort would be more cost / time effective, but, in the end, rust would still be a problem -- possibly to the point of discoloring the shower tiles/other...
      Chi7445269Chi7445269 Los Angeles, CA · answered Sep 29, 2016
    • If you are using "shower rod", it shouldn't rust, because they are meant to be waterproofed already.
    • Actually if you wad up some aluminum foil, wet it and rub on the rust part. It will remove it.
    • they actually come in a vinyl coated rod...white, rust..the metal clips is what I would coat with clear finger nail polish..that just might be the rust problem...but they are not that expensive.
    • I'm thinking it the rings that would rust?
    • Shower curtain rings won't rust. The clips are the only thing that might.
      LMNLMN Tulsa, OK · answered Sep 29, 2016
    • They do rust, and seem to attract mold & mildew. I've thrown out several 'shower' items because I refused to touch them.

    • Use bigger plastic bins that you can get at the dollar store. That's what I do.
    • Take a plastic bottle of the same shape and slightly larger, cut the top off the larger bottle leaving a tab at the "back" of the cut off bottle, attach with the clip and insert the bottle.
    • Whoa... Richard Tibbetts..that's brilliant! Can't wait to get home to do that now, lol ....
      KayKay Anchorage, AK · answered Sep 29, 2016
    • Genius Richard Tibbetts! Genius!
    • Or, punch a hole in the tab and use an 'S' hook to hang it on the rod. I like the idea of the larger bottle as a pocket for the smaller one.
    • I would punch some holes in the bottom of the larger"holding " bottle to help prevent gunk buildup. Don't want to add more cleaning time!!
      SuzanneSuzanne Okanogan, WA · answered Sep 30, 2016
    • Who came up with this ideal made my day. Just moved in our new home and our master shower soap dish too small. Thanks
    • If you're using a cut-down larger bottle, consider drilling a few holes in the bottom for water drainage.
      JeriJeri Portland, OR · answered Sep 30, 2016
    • I use a plastic net thing that you get with oranges etc.😊
    • Or the yellow mesh bag that lemons come in. I used a shoe organizer in white washable mesh-like material. Cut the bottom two rows off so it wouldn't hang too far down & get wet. Labeled (embroidered) each section with product name, Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap, Shaving etc. The hooks that come with the shoe organizer are strong enough to hold the jumbo bottles. I added it at the end of the shower curtain so it cannot be seen until you get in the tub. I wear glasses but can't do so in the shower this has been extremely helpful.
      SusanSusan Campton, KY · answered Sep 30, 2016
    • if you are OCD and want all to look perfect, try this. purchase small loungerie bag at Dollar Tree, approx. 6x10 inches. will hang from clip or S hook easily. all will match and usually they are white and can be throwed in washer for cleaning. also great for holding several small loofahs and let guests know they can keep after using or you can also throw them in wash in bag to clean and give to another guest. Dollar Tree has package of 3 for a dollar.
    • What a genius of an idea ! I'll be doing this for sure.
      JanJan Dothan, AL · answered Nov 17, 2016
    • I am saving my liquid hand soap bottles to refill with shampoo, conditioner, body scrub,etc. Will relabel with appropriate tag and then refill with liquids,. This way I will small matching containers in the shower and larger bottles can be stored in the linen closet.
    • You could use a lonely, unmatched sock. Slip the bottle in and attach the sock to the clip. Sock will dry out just like a wash cloth. Also, if you put the bottle in upside down and snip a hole in the sock large enough to dispense product but not large enough for the bottle to fall out, you wouldn't have to unclip to dispense.
      Thi8725099Thi8725099 Williamstown, NJ · answered Dec 16, 2016

    • The weight of a 64 plus ounce bottle would pull the tension rod down.
    • Try putting in large vinyl coated cup hook just above the tile or at a stud just above tile. Hang mesh bag from that, goop falls in shower but cup hook is in solid and hold weight
    • You could use those smaller travel pump bottles and just refill as needed it is not like you use all of that bottle at one time and they are big enough to do a weeks worth of washing your hair. IJS

    • Perhaps one of those wall mounted dispensers which are large enough to hold the entire giant bottles in a streamlined way with just the push of a button.
    • I have a towel holder rod and just put the big pump bottles on there. They sit at a slight angle to the wall, but it works for me. I have an old claw foot tub and buy the shower curtain with big mesh pockets at walmart and these two things have seemed to solve my problems.
    • I wouldn't use the wall mounted dispensers. They clog up and are impossible to clean out.
    • I wouldn't use the wall mounted dispensers. They clog up and are impossible to clean out.
    • No! You can't clean them, they just get nasty! I think she misunderstood my question. I buy salon size bottles that have a pump on them. Super easy to dispense while taking a shower. We do not refill them. I get them at cost because we have lots of people in our family that have a barbers or beauticians license.
    • Hi, Mary. I think Karen was suggesting you pour the contents of the large bottles into one of those dispensers. If you can, I would install a shelf to put those large bottles on or maybe fill up smaller bottles and use one of those mesh holders you hang from the curtain rod inside the shower curtain. Might even look at shoe bags to hang inside shower curtain. I don't think you're going to be able to hang those bottles in anything. They are handy, but huge. At least a shelf would keep them from being all around the edge of the tub. I have also put them in a plastic basket in the tub. You probably don't stand at the far end of the tub anyway when you shower. At least they aren't lined up all around the tub.
      SusanSusan Lakehills, TX · answered Oct 15, 2016
    • We get the large pump bottles from Sam's Club and I like the idea of the mesh shoe holders. You can either cut off the bottom couple rows,or if you have kids, the lower pockets would be great for bath toys.
    • If you can' t put them anywhere else, and the colour of the bottle is neutral enough for you: I buy big bottles of Australian shampoo. It has the clear plastic label on it, which I peel off. It now looks more like a decorative bottle, and doesn't seem as cluttered looking. This post tells how to remove ink from plastic:" target="_blank">
      B. EnneB. Enne Canada · answered Oct 21, 2016
    • How about reusing a mesh bag that produce comes in. Like oranges or onions. They would hild the pump bottle and dangle from the rod.
    • I use the tension rod, but leave a space from the wall and add some non slip grip shelf liner around it to sit all bottles on..
    • How about using 2 clips and disposable water bottle, I got mine from (bottles come in 2 sizes and have a couple of different spouts
    • Our solution was to use 2 tension rods - lower one closer to the wall, upper one out just enough to slide larger bottles inside upper on & resting on lower one. Distance between will depend on size of containers.
      JillJill Mooresville, NC · answered Dec 23, 2016
    • I rotate my shampoos: I use moisturizing one day, volume shampoo the next, etc. To avoid having the large bottles, I have travel-size bottles which I refill from the pump bottles.

    • It goes on the back wall . The rod should not rust. If it doe maybe it could be covered with a pool noodle.
    • It goes on the back wall . The rod should not rust. If it doe maybe it could be covered with a pool noodle.
    • You can find rods that are meant to be used as a shower curtain rod that are rust resistant.
    • I used an older rod that I had lying around and it was a bit rusty. I knee if I painted it the paint would peel off from the sliding hooks so I covered it with plain white contact paper. You could find a pretty pattern as well. Its been up over a year and no issues!
    • You can buy a plastic sheath to put over the rod. I have one on my regular shower curtain rod.
    • Use car wax occasionally.
      KarenKaren Evansville, IN · answered Jan 26, 2017
    • U could spray it with Rustoleum before using it also
      GigiGigi Hope Mills, NC · answered Mar 16, 2017
    • you could also use wool pads (brillo w/out the soap) or magic eraser and scrub the rod and it will all come right off!
    • I use the plastic shower tension rods.
      LynneLynne Bronx, NY · answered Jun 16, 2017

    • Put your shampoo bottles in the baskets also hung on the rod. Replace small baskets with larger ones if needed.
    • I found a fabric shoe holder at a yard sale for $1, cut the bottom couple of rows off, hung it by the top(which had reinforced holes in it and hung it with shower curtain hooks on the tension rod that I put on the back wall of my shower. It holds all sizes of bottles/tubes and rinses and dries perfectly. I love it.
      SheilaSheila Flagstaff, AZ · answered Aug 27, 2017
    • Just sit the bottles on the top of the rod, leaning against the wall...
      DonnaDonna Spartanburg, SC · answered Dec 18, 2017
    • I like Sheila from Flagstaff's idea but one change to consider is placing small holes at the bottom of pockets to allow for better drainage and less chance of mold/mildew growing...?
    • How about just using the mesh storage that they sell in stores for this purpose? I love the tension rod over there we already have two tension rods in tub/shower one for curtain one for liner works way better than the curtain that you can buy with liner attached. Never thought of this though so I guess I need an other one.
    • I use a sink draining basket like this one on Amazon:

      Just hook it over the rod. It holds a full-size shampoo bottle plus a ful-size body wash.
      LoriBLoriB Tulsa, OK · answered Dec 19, 2017
    • Does the baskets lean are do they stay up right.
    • I have always just used a second super heavy duty shower curtain rod and placed all the shampoo and conditioner, body washes and such right on top, leaning against the wall. Simple S-hooks from ikea hold wash towels and even some of my son’s toys. The stronger the cutain rod, the more secure it will be, no need for baskets. Get a rust resistant one if possible. I’ve done this for over 20 years.

  • Was it easy?
    • It looks as esy as hanging a shower curtain!

    • It's a tension rod. You unwind it until it's an inch or so wider than the length (or width) of your shower and wedge it into the space between two walls.
    • Excellent

    • Wal-Mart carries some and Amazon has many to choose from, too. (Not sure if Dollar Tree has them)

      ReginaRegina Lemoore, CA · answered Apr 08, 2018

  • Where do I find the plastic baskets?

    JoeJoe Gainesville, GA · asked May 14, 2018
    • Dollar Tree and Dollar General carry the small baskets