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Want to read a beginner's tips on installing wall tile? If so, you've come to the right place. Tiling is one of those projects that any beginner can do as long as you have patience and can pay attention to detail!
This is our first rodeo will tiling a wall (we've tiled a floor before) so this will be more of a tip post instead of a straight "how-to".
The first thing we did was prepped the walls. We took off the range hood and sconces and covered the oven with cardboard.
Next, we found the center of the wall (or the focal point of the wall) and placed a mark. We installed a scrap piece of wood one row below where the tile would start so that the tile behind the oven would have a place to sit.
Starting in the middle, we laid tile and worked our way out to the edges. We used pre-mixed mortar. It's a bit more expensive but when you are working on a project for a week or two (we only worked a few hours at a time) this makes it so much easier.
We found a super easy way to mark tiles for cuts - you can read more about that at this link!
The first wall had a pretty big learning curve and we were nervous through the whole thing. The wall itself wasn't straight and so that means we got off once or twice in how level our lines were. We made up for it by tweaking the grout line here or there.
If you make sure you start off in a level line and then draw one more level line about half-way up the wall to double-check, you should be able to keep things under control.
After the oven wall, we headed to the wall with the window.
I'd say to lay the tiles and cut them on this one wall, took us about 9 hours. I'm sure that's pretty slow, but we're beginners.
Overall, we are thrilled with how the tile impacts the room and although we did get just a bit off in a few areas... you can't tell! If you want to skip ahead and see how it looks with grout - check out Tile with Grout and Electrical Extenders!.

Suggested materials:

  • Tile  (Home Depot)
  • Mortar  (Home Depot)

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  • Dokey
    on Jan 15, 2019

    Great job!! 👍

    I’ve been wanting to do a Back Splash for a long time but I get freaked out about the cutting of the tiles around the window and outlets 🤪 What did you cut your tiles with? I’m single and 71 so I don’t have a man to help me! 😂 (never really needed one 😂)

    I’ve done so many things in my house but this one scares me 😱

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