Clean Brass With Ketchup (Really!)

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Who ever would have that my favorite condiment would make a great metal polish? Using ketchup as brass cleaner has got to be one of the most unusual ways to clean any object ever. And it's chemical free - the concentrated tomato in the ketchup is what makes the magic. (Tomato paste also works, just not as well.)

I broke it down so you can see how to do it yourself!

I found this cup in a second hand shop and thought it would be really great for storing pens in my home office. Unfortunately, the cup was filthy! So here's what I did...

Step 1: Squirt Ketchup onto the Brass

I’m the first to admit that I was overzealous with the amount of ketchup I put on this cup. You really only need enough to cover it (and not cover the whole counter), but it was just too fun!

Step 2: Wait 40 Minutes

I tried this on a few brass pieces and the amount of time needed for each object varied a bit. This cup looked much dirtier than it actually was, but 40 minutes was enough to make it shine. For something really dirty, it could take up to two hours of sitting, especially if the grime on the brass object is oily.

Step 3: Rinse off the Ketchup

I just rinsed the cup in my kitchen sink. Make sure not to leave any ketchup, or it will dry sticky (yuck)!

Step 4: Dry and Buff Your Brass

The cup did need a wipe with a microfiber cloth to get that really brilliant shine. In the end, there were still a few black spots that looked like damage and would not come off, but I think they added character.

Just look at that newly polished brass! This trick worked like a charm. The only downside? It made me kinda hungry!

And it works on jewelry too!

Suggested materials:

  • Ketchup   (Grocery Store)
  • Micorfiber cloth

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