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Chalkboard Paint Plant Markers

Chalkboard paint is not just for indoor projects. Take the fun outdoors with these simple chalkboard plant labels. You won't believe how easy they are!

Learn how to make your own  plant labels with chalkboard paint.
The supply list for this project is very short.  You will need chalkboard paint, wooden stir sticks, masking tape (optional), chalk, and a foam brush or roller.
Before you begin, mix the paint very well.  You can visit the blog for the full instructions.
Once your paint is prepared, you can tape off a section of your stick or just wing it.  You will dip the stick into the paint and use your brush or roller to make sure the excess is removed.
Let your wooden sticks dry and use your chalk to make your labels.  Stop by the blog for tips on how to prime your sticks before you write on them.  http://gardentherapy.ca/chalkboard-plant-markers/

To see more: http://gardentherapy.ca/chalkboard-plant-markers/

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