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DIY Nursery Teepee Shelf

Are y'all ready for a super cute shelf idea for your child's room? Really, it could be for any room but it has made it's home in our son, Bo's, room--it's so simple but really makes a statement. I've seen this design around and it looked fairly easy to recreate so Rob crunched some numbers and came up with our own design/measurements. It also cost much less than buying one. I couldn't be happier with the result!
Time: 1 Hours Cost: $6 Difficulty: Medium
SUPPLIES: -1x4x8 common board (1 piece) -wood glue -fine grit sandpaper -painter's tape -acrylic paint -paint brush Not pictured: -chop saw -trim nails and gun
STEP 1: Cut wood pieces First, I cut my boards for my teepee shelf. I made sure to square off the board first (I cut the very end off so that I started with an even edge), then I made the following cuts: (1) - 30" with 90° end and a 20° angled end | this will be the right side of the teepee (1) - 18" with 20° angled ends | this will be your bottom piece (1) - 25 1/8" with 20° angle on one end and 50° on the other | this will be the left side of your teepee (1) - 5 3/8" with 90° end and 50° angled end Make sure when you make your cuts that you measure on the long edge of the wood.

STEP 2: Sand wood Next, I took a piece of fine grit sand paper and knocked down any splinters or rough spots. I did this lightly, because I didn't want to manipulate the wood or change it's edges.
STEP 3: Glue and trim nail shelf together After I finished sanding, I used wood glue and trim nails to assemble my teepee shelf. I started with the left side and bottom side, then added the right side, and finally attached the smallest piece.
*Note with attaching the smallest piece: You have to be very careful with this part as you don't want to blow nails through the other side. Make sure that your small piece is lined up with the right (long) side of the shelf, add your glue, then add trim nails on the meatiest part of the wood on either side of the small piece. Also, make sure to let your teepee sit overnight so that the glue dries completely.
STEP 4: Paint Finally, it was time to paint. I chose a dark navy blue that I already had on hand. I used painter's tape to mark off where I wanted to paint, then applied one coat (you can apply more if you wish). I knew my shelf would be inside so I didn't bother with sealing it with wax, but you're welcome to use Minwax finishing wax paste, if you want to be extra certain that your paint isn't going to go anywhere. *Note: these little containers of paint are great (see supplies)! They're the sample containers from Home Depot which are about $4 and I have them in all different colors. It's Behr exterior paint which has primer already in it, and they cost much less than a full can of paint.
How cute is this?! I can imagine this any an array of other colors depending on your color scheme.
Aside from the funky measurements, this project was pretty easy. I love the simplicity of it and it looks so cute in Bo's room!


Materials used for this project:

  • 1x4x8 common board   (Home Depot)
  • Wood glue   (on hand (from Home Depot))
  • Fine grit sandpaper   (on hand)
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