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Thanksgiving DIY: Lettered Metallic Mason Jars

This Thanksgiving, add a beautiful glow of shimmers to your mantel with these colorful, metallic and lettered mason jars. This “hearthwarming” project is from the creative mind of Debbie Hayes of My Patch of Blue Sky and embraces the love of family. Let us see how she created them!
thanksgiving diy lettered metallic mason jars, mason jars
Supplies Needed
• Acrylic Bonding Primer
• Mason Jars
• Sapphire Metallic Paint
• Copper Metallic Paint
• Teal Metallic Paint
• Olympic Gold Metallic Paint
• Antique Copper Metallic Paint
• Hunter Green Metallic Paint
• Paint Brushes
• Letters: Cricut Prints or Ready Made Letters from a Hobby Store
thanksgiving diy lettered metallic mason jars, mason jars
After deciding on which word or lettering you’d like to display on your jars, select that number of mason jars to paint. With the word ‘Family’, there were six jars to paint.
Next, pick your favorite Metallic Paint colors and brush on 2 – 3 coats, letting each layer dry completely. Debbie used Sapphire Metallic Paint for the “F”, Copper Metallic Paint for the “A”, Teal Metallic Paint for the “M”, Olympic Gold for the “I”, Antique Copper for the “L”, and Hunter Green Metallic Paint for the “Y”.
thanksgiving diy lettered metallic mason jars, mason jars
As the Metallic Paint coats dry, create a page of letters to attach to the front of your mason jars. Debbie used the CopperPlate Bold at 151 and printed the letters from a Cricut. You can also purchase ready-made letters from your local craft store!
thanksgiving diy lettered metallic mason jars, mason jars
By using a piece of double stick tape, you can quickly adhere a letter to each jar. Feel free to add pretty flowers or other decorations to taste. We’re sure you’ll love the look once they’re lined up on a mantle or shelf in your home!
thanksgiving diy lettered metallic mason jars, mason jars
For more Thanksgiving DIY projects, join us on our blog by clicking the link below. We hope to see you there!

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  • Tracy Gappen Riggs
    on Oct 13, 2017

    The bonding primer, yes, I understand from your comments , where and what type of bonding primer to buy, however, you don't reference how to apply this at all in your steps. You jump right to the metallic paint! How many coats of the bonding primer do we apply? Do we need to allow time for primer to dry in between coats?
    I think we just need to understand the step that was skipped!
    And by the way, these jars look amazing on your mantel. I love the metallic pait! Gorgeous idea!

    • Web15465597
      on Oct 14, 2018

      I noticed that too. I read through the instructions three times looking for what that picture was relating to. I’m assuming that’s the basecoat you put on before using the metallic paint. Would have been nice had she clarified though.

  • Carmen Arrowood
    on Jul 27, 2018

    where do I find the metallic paint

  • Lyn34199038
    on Oct 7, 2018

    When do you use the scrylic bonding prime

    • Web15465597
      on Oct 14, 2018

      that’s what I was thinking. She does not reference that in the instructions at all.

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