How To Tell Time - Coffee And Wine Sign Hanger

9 Materials
1 Hour

This sign is fun, practical and makes a great gift! With the right tools, you can make this sign yourself! This sign is roughly 20" wide and 14" tall.

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1. Buy supplies (we always buy our supplies from Lowes since it tends to be a bit cheaper than other hardware stores).
2. The first step to this project is to cut wood! This requires a chop-saw. We cut 4 pieces of 1x4’s into 20” pieces and a fifth piece into 10 ¾ (this smaller piece will be the part of the sign that the wine glasses hang from)
We use a Craftsman router and router table
3. Next, we use our routing table to cut the slits for the wine glasses. We use a ½ inch size router bit and slice 2 slits for the wine glass stems. The slits are 2 inches from the edge on each side of the board.
The end product of the cut slits
4. The next thing we do is attach the wine glass hanger piece to one of the 20” 1x4’s boards. We do this by using the fence of the table saw to create a straight edge to line the 1x4 up with. We then clamp the 1x4 down to the table saw and then clamp the 10 ¾ piece into place.
5. Once the 10 ¾ piece is clamped into place, we then drill a pilot hole in 3 different places. One on the left side of the 10 ¾ piece, one in the middle and one on the right side. After drilling the pilot hole, we then insert 3 (3 inch) screws to hold the 10 ¾ piece in place.
6. The last step of assembling is to cut the Smooth Tempered Hardboard Wall Panel to 18” x 12” and then screw it on the back with ¼ inch screws. This will hold all of your separate pieces all together!
7. Once the sign is completely assembled, then comes the fun part…picking the colors you want your sign to be! We typically stain them dark walnut stain with white font but you can make it any color to match your style!
8. Once your sign is stained/painted, I use my Cricut to cut the vinyl
9. I use a font called “Straight And Simple” for the “How To Tell Time” and a font called “Marker Felt” for the “AM” and “PM.” I can only print up to 12” vinyl in length on my Cricut so I make it on two lines. The quote should be about 17” when put side by side.
10. Next, I use contact paper to stick the quote onto the sign. I have used many different transfer tapes before but good ol’ contact paper seems to do the best job!
11. When finished with the vinyl, I flip the sign over and attached a D-ring picture hanger. Since the sign will be holding the weight of two coffee mugs and two wine glasses, you will want something that is strong so don’t buy saw tooth hangers.
12. Flip the sign back over and now, attach the single prong hooks that will hang the mugs! You can buy these hooks in white, silver or black. We get ours from Walmart because they are the cheapest there ($7 for a pack of 6).
13. The last step in this project is to seal it. I use Minwax Semi-Gloss Polycrylic because it gives it a nice sheen and keeps everything protected so it’ll last a lifetime!

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14. Now comes the best part…Find the perfect spot in your house to hang your sign and grab your wine glasses and your favorite mugs and hang it up!

Suggested materials:

  • 1x4 wood  (Lowes)
  • Smooth Tempered Hardboard Wall Panel  (Lowes)
  • 1/2" screws  (Lowes)
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2 questions
  • Arlene anderson
    on Dec 12, 2016

    how did you use contact paper? Did you use white contact paper to cut out the letters?

    • Chloe Libby
      on Dec 12, 2016

      Hi! I used contact paper to transfer the vinyl quote onto the wood! I use white vinyl to make the quote on my Cricut.

  • Sarah
    on Dec 5, 2018

    Hey do u also do whiskey glades with the wine glasss

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