Coffee Mate Kitchen Storage Containers

We go through Coffee Mate creamers like crazy here at the office and wanted to find a way to reuse them instead of throwing them out. We found some inspiration and decided to turn them into useful kitchen storage!

First, just make sure you dump out any of the remaining creamer.

Make sure you give it a good rinse!

To get the label off, first you will place the scissors right under the label and give it a snip.

Then, just peel the label off!

If you don't want to wait for these to air dry inside you can just use our little hack. We used a knife and a paper towel to get those hard to reach areas.

Next, take a piece of printer paper and roll it into a funnel to pour the cereal into the the container.

Just pour the cereal or item of your choosing through the funnel!

Use a sharpie to label your container if you want!

Ta-da! The perfect storage for all of your kitchen goodies. These would also be great for craft storage too - pompoms, beads, the possibilities are endless! Hope you found this little upcycle helpful. :)

Suggested materials:

  • Coffee Mate Creamer
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie

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  • Sylvia
    on Jul 2, 2017

    Question why didn't she clean those jars before hand???
  • Jeannie Cerny
    Jeannie Cerny
    on Jul 16, 2017

    What kind of cricket labelmaker did you use? It's so cool.
    Thanks for your response.
  • Waunita Stoney
    Waunita Stoney
    on Oct 8, 2017

    How about using a funnel made out of a soda bottle no waste
    • Sudie Faulkner
      Sudie Faulkner
      on Oct 13, 2017

      That was going to be my suggestion. Cut the top off of a 1 or 2 liter drink bottle and use that as a washable, reusable funnel. The bottom of the bottle could be turned into another 'home for extra brushes'. :D

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2 of 307 comments
    on Aug 2, 2020

    I did this to make sugar containers for my husband's coffee. The little one works better than a store bought sugar pour jar.

  • Frank
    on Aug 7, 2020

    A great (FREE) funnel for filling creamer bottles is made by cutting a disposable 16.X or 12 fl. oz. water bottle in half. Recycle to bottom half and cap. The remainlng top half is your perfect funnel (water bottle neck nests neatly inside the the creamer bottle neck).

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