Thrift Store Tea Cup and Saucer Free Standing Bird Feeders

You've probably seen tea cup bird feeders by now, but I've got a different take on them. When I lived in AZ we didn't have enough trees to hang bird feeders from so I needed to find a different way to feed my feathered friends. These are sooo easy and so much fun to make and to give as gifts! And all you need is a tea cup, saucer and spoon, some pvc pipe and a cap, a hacksaw and E6000 glue.

You need:

1/2" pvc pipe
1/2" pvc cap
tea cup and saucer
tea spoon or baby spoon
hacksaw or pipe cutter and E6000 glue
Start by gluing your teacup to your saucer and then glue your spoon on to your saucer. Now the worst part is waiting for this to dry. I like to let it sit over night so that I know it is good and dry and will not let loose. Trust me on this!
Once everything is completely dry, flip over your cup and saucer and glue the top or the closed end of your pvc cap to the middle of your saucer. This is exactly why you want everything to be dried good so that you can dry it upside down so that the cap holds on good. DO NOT try to balance the cup and saucer on top of the end cap - it will not work. It will slip and slide all over and you will have a mess!

While you are patiently waiting for your cup and saucer to dry, you can cut your pvc pipe to length. Decide where you want to put your feeder and then settle on a height. Before you cut your pipe, add on a good 3 inches or so to allow for the pipe to go into the ground.
When your cup is dry, head on out to your yard and stick your pipe into the ground. Once it is in nice and sturdy, take your cup and saucer and slide the end cap over top the pipe and wiggle it into place. Now add some bird seed and wait for your new little friends to arrive!

You can get a lot more fun DIY's like this over at
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Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!

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