DIY Towel Hooks

6 Materials
60 Minutes

Let’s make a couple of extra towel hooks. Let them look like giant stick candies.
Check out the video above to learn how to make your own!
Take a garden hose. Cut it out in half.
Use thick aluminum wire as the base.
Cut out the needed length.
Put it in the hose.
Paint it yellow. If you can still see the original hose color, paint it again.
We’ll need a masking tape. Attach it in a spiral.
Paint it pink. Remove the tape when dry.
We’ve got two pieces.
Hot glue the hole.
Paint it pink.
Bend the stick. The wire inside will make it easy. Shape a big hook.
Repeat for the other end.
The awesome hanging towel hooks look like giant stick candies.
Hang them on your towel rack to get an extra towel or bathrobe holder.

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Suggested materials:

  • Aluminum wire
  • Garden hose
  • Hot glue gun
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