DIY Boho Style Wall Hanging

2 Materials
30 Minutes

Boho style wall hangings have been popping up like crazy all over Pinterest, Etsy, and in so many of my favorite stores like West Elm and Anthropologie. I knew that I had to have one, but I just couldn't justify paying such high prices for something that I knew I could make. As always, the DIY option is so affordable and customizable! It's also incredibly simple.
Watch the video above for a full tutorial, or keep reading for step by step instructions!
diy boho wall hanging
Choose any two colors of yarn that you want to use for your wall hanging. You can find these metal rings in the leather section of the craft store. You will need two different sizes.
diy boho wall hanging
Take one color of yarn and wrap it around something that is about 1.5 feet long. I'm using this mat but you can also cut out a piece of cardboard to be the correct length. Continue wrapping it around multiple times.
diy boho wall hanging
diy boho wall hanging
Cut across the yarn at the bottom. Repeat this same process with your second color of yarn.
diy boho wall hanging
Grab 2 pieces of yarn and fold them in half so you have a loop at the top. 
diy boho wall hanging
diy boho wall hanging
Slide the loop under the ring and pull the ends through it.
diy boho wall hanging
Pull it tightly against the ring.
diy boho wall hanging
Continue this process using two pieces of yarn at a time until you have covered the bottom half of the ring. Repeat this same process on the smaller ring with your second color of yarn.
diy boho wall hanging
Place the smaller ring inside the larger ring and center it.
diy boho wall hanging
diy boho wall hanging
Cut an extra piece of yarn and tie the ends together in a double knot. Slide it under both rings and bring the knot end through, pulling it up and tightly against the ring. This will be used to hang it up.
diy boho wall hanging
Cut each color of yarn into a V shape, starting in the middle at the bottom and working your way up to the outer edge.
diy boho wall hanging
That's it! Who knew it could be so simple? Hang it up and admire your new decor piece. If you recreate this DIY be sure to tag me on Instagram for a chance to be featured. If you like this project and want to see more, check out my YouTube channel by clicking here or visit my website:

Suggested materials:

  • Yarn
  • Metal Rings
Katie Bookser

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  • Rey11592558
    on Jul 27, 2017

    I like the thought of this but I don't like the bare rings showing. Couldn't you have the yarn going all around the rings? Then when it hangs, it would automatically go into a V??

    • Landsharkinnc
      on Jul 28, 2017

      Square picture frames placed inside each other on the diagonal look neat too.

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  • Sharonnf7
    on Jul 28, 2017

    I like the colors you chose. Very pretty

  • Patricia Sexton
    on Jul 30, 2017

    Thank you also. I have lots of yarn and the rings I can use things I already have or find at garage sales easily. Nice idea.

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