Recycled Shibori Dyed Tin Can Planters.

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1 Hour

This summer I have had lots of fun doing some Shibori (indigo) tie dye. I even dyed all the cushions on my outdoor sofa. A bucket of indigo dye goes a long way so I dyed a few other things too.

One of the easiest things I made with Shibori dyeing was some covers for tin cans to make some on trend recycled tin can planters.
All I used for this was some white socks, tin cans, and a Shibori Dye kit. You can buy the kits online (see here). A Dye kit goes a long way so you might want to think of a few more things to dye too (check out my blog link).
I made up my Shibori Indigo dye according to the instructions on the kit. You are best doing this out in the garden as it can get a little messy. 
I then tied up my socks with elastic bands and dipped them in the dye for 2 mins. The longer you dip them the darker the color they will dye.
Afterward, I lay them out in the sun so the dye would oxidize and then rinsed and dried the socks after removing the elastic bands.
Now here was the easy bit I simply slipped the dyed socks over the tin cans.
I left my socks as they were and folded them in on themselves at the top of the can. You can do the same or snip off the toe of the sock if you prefer and secure them with a little bit of glue.
As you can see the socks and the tin cans together make lovely Shibori dyed tin can planters. You don't have to use them as planters they would also make a lovely pen or utensil holder. I love recycling tin cans to make planters. I love using tin cans as planters you can see more popular ideas here.

Suggested materials:

  • Tin cans
  • Shibori dye kit  (link in post)
  • White socks

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  • C Crow
    on Nov 21, 2017

    Nice idea. Now I'm curious about the wood-look surface you show in photo of dye. Is it plastic, paper? Thanks.
  • Cindy
    on Nov 22, 2017

    Can you get the due in different colors? Love the idea but blues/purples are #86 on my favorite color list.  Thnx
    • Cindy
      on Nov 22, 2017

      Umm....thnx. But my question was about OTHER colors. I hate purples/ blues. Thought the dye you used was a special tie dye. I can buy Ritt. Thnx for the rapid reply

  • RC Leach
    on Dec 19, 2017

    Hi! I think they look great! My question is, do they have to be natural fibers, like cotton or wool, or will this technique work on man-made materials, like nylon or spandex? I use knee-high compression socks, but would like to be able to use shorts instead of jeans in the hot months (about 8 hot months!), here in phoenix.
    • Eliza Spear
      on Jul 22, 2019

      If you google dye for synthetic fibres there are a couple on the market available

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  • Snowcat60
    on Jul 23, 2019

    Extremely clever idea! Love it and the many possibilities. Thanks for sharing.

  • Janice
    on Jun 10, 2020

    Great idea and very "fashionable". I love the look! I've used old knit sweaters in a similar way to cover storage boxes but never thought about you sock idea. Excellent! I will use it....what fun! Thanks for posting.

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