5 Hacks to Use Bubble Wrap Around the House

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Let's be honest, bubble wrap isn't just intended for wrapping delicate items and moving. It's also meant for popping! But, did you know there are even more ways to use bubble wrap around the house? Check out these 5 helpful hacks.
Hack - Line your produce drawer to prevent bruising.
When you have fruits and vegetables rolling around your produce drawer in the refrigerator all day, you're bound to have some bruised items.
Cut a piece of bubble wrap to the size of your produce drawer and slide it into the bottom. Fill with your favorite fruits and veggies and you'll find things no longer roll around!

Hack - Clean the floor without a blister.
Mopping or scrubbing the floor takes some major muscle. With that tight grip and pressure needed to get a good scrub going your hands can end up with painful blisters.
Problem solved! Wrap a strip of bubble wrap around the handle where your hand grips your cleaning tool and secure with tape. Watch the video below to see how I wrap my mop.
Hack - Create your own Insulated Freezer Bag.
Do you want to keep things cold on the car ride home from the grocery store? Create your own reusable freezer tote bag but lining a fabric shopping bag with bubble wrap. It will help keep the items cold on the way home from the grocery store.
Hack - Fix a toilet with condensation.
Is your toilet constantly sweating? If your water tank is causing a small amount of water condensation or build up, bubble wrap can solve that problem too.
Line the inside of the tank with sheets of bubble wrap and they will help limit the condensation. Take a peek at the video below to see how I lined my toilet tank.
Hack - Fix a noisy toolbox.
Are your tools contstantly rattling when they slide around in your toolbox? Simply line your tool box with bubble wrap and your tools will no longer move. Say,"good-bye" to the sound of crashing and banging on the job site.

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