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Under $1K Bathroom Renovation

With patience and some DIY spirit, it is possible to redo a bathroom on a budget!
Time: 4 Months Cost: $1000 Difficulty: Medium
So here's a before shot, the first floor bathroom, our 5'x9' main floor bath as it was staged for purchase when we bought the house from a flipper.

Now, before we get rolling here, my taste is likely not going to be your taste. We found this bathroom unattractive and highly impractical with its glass sink, cheap fixtures, and strange tile. We had zero use for the bathtub/shower as we have other full baths in the house. This should have been merely a powder room, but alas, flippers are not bright. Regardless, to us this was a yuck.

But most importantly, I'm here to share lessons.
First order of business was removing the rickety sink contraption. Trust me, it was a piece of crap. Plus, the glass sink was so dumbfoundingly impractical in a bathroom that gets, well, a lot of use due to its location.

I sold the vanity on Craigslist which allowed me to purchase all sorts of parts: sink and faucet from eBay, the maple bowling alley wood and the hairpin leg stand from Craigslist.

A little over what I made from the sale was spent, but what we have is something completely unique that no one else has thanks to thinking outside the box, some ingenuity, and patience. Read more about it by clicking here!
Next, the big scary stuff. Taking out the tile, I accidentally blew a hole in the wall. Lo, what's this? Chicago Common brick from the 1880's?! Sweet. The design plan then changed direction.
Out came all the shower tile, all the floor tile, and the tub. Remember, we didn't need another tub; since this building was a two flat previously, we already have more than we need.
Next in went the floor tile. I had purchased a good quantity of the octagon dot on Craigslist for cheap from the "materials" section but had to pick up a couple extra. To resolve the edge design in a tidy fashion, I picked up inexpensive subway tiles for a border.

There's my omnipresent assistant Finn, checking his mom's handiwork as always. Ever the critic.
At the time, I was working on a tv show and we used this crazy awesome skull wallpaper. I knew it had to be in our house somewhere. But where?!

Shockingly my sweet husband said yes. "Put it in the bathroom," he said. I was agog but hey, ok, will do! So up went the wallpaper.

Wallpaper is fantastic tool -- it hides damaged walls but mainly it brings color, pattern, texture, and shine (if you're lucky) to a space. Love it.
Next I painted the ceiling black and added a crystal and chrome ceiling mount light fixture on a dimmer which replaced a can light.

Be sure to swing on by my blog, Flipping the Flip, for the details on how everything was accomplished. The link to all the related posts is below!
Because we needed storage more than anything else, I designed and built some custom cabinets to go where the tub once lived.

The exteriors were stained a midnight blue-ish color using a water based stain, Kona stained wood trim for a cool design element, and the interiors were painted gold. The outsides were sealed simply using paste wax.
And here it is complete. The cabinets, the exposed brick, the tile, crystal fixture, the vanity, plus an upcycled wood shelf with painted faux rust....it was quite a bit of work which I did all on my own but I think it paid off in spades.

All for under $1000 too! A unique, custom room for thousands less than one might expect.
We absolutely love it.

Now again, my taste is atypical and not for everyone. It's our house and we want to enjoy living in it.

But that's the lesson, enjoy your home -- let your personality shine. Don't be afraid. And it is possible to do it all on a budget. Be thoughtful, creative, think outside the box, try something new or different, and above all, take a chance.

Be sure to click the link below to read the whole saga of tears and cheers!

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  • Abigail Ellis
    Abigail Ellis Glen Allen, VA
    on Dec 24, 2017

    This is incredible!
    I love how much attitude and personality your bathroom has. I can only imagine what you've done to the rest of the house!

  • Land
    Land Paw Paw, IL
    on Dec 24, 2017

    SO COOL!!

  • Linda
    Linda Bladensburg, OH
    on Dec 24, 2017

    LOVE YOUR PROJECTS! They usually have me in stitches. The mood you set in this room is beyond great! Please keep your posts coming. This great-gramma loves them!

  • Kb
    Kb Huntersville, NC
    on Jan 1, 2018

    Although I love the country and rustic look, this is really uniqu. Very beautiful job done and I would love to see your other rooms in your home.. well done

    • Dawn Mullica Carmona
      Dawn Mullica Carmona Manahawkin, NJ
      on Mar 5, 2018

      I want to remodel my bedroom bathroom has shower stall & toilet & sink I have a window also I really don't want to try & take wallpaper off it's been up 20 yrs Is there somethi g U can recommend to use to cover walks My theme is Seashells My daughter-in-law gave me the complete decoys for Bathroom So I would like to get started soon

  • Carole White
    Carole White Canada
    on Jan 4, 2018

    Truly one of a kind...love the drama in this room and that exposed brick is so awesome!! Thanks for sharing

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