House mice- will mint plant keep them out??

Is it true, mice do not like MINT. Keeping a plant in the house, will that keep them out? Or do I need to plant it outside too. If so, how much and where?

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  • Planting mint alone will not keep them out. Get an inspection from a good exterminator to make sure you have no holes for them to get in that you are unaware of. I would plant in pots - mint can be very invasive and take over quite quickly.
  • Janet Panos Janet Panos on Jan 21, 2018
    Hello Bonnie! I agree that planting mint will not be enough to keep the mice out. I have ming at the base of my home and it doesn’t keep mice out Even if mint is planted and mice are around, they will just get used to it and bypass it. I agree that an exterminator is best because I have used glue traps and I have used poison and I have used steel wool to block their entryway, but they always get around those deterrents! They are pretty darn smart! Good luck!
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    • Janet Panos Janet Panos on Jan 21, 2018
      I feel your pain — I used glue traps, too, and once the mice know they are there, they avoid them! Found out the mice were coming in up through the drain on my laundry room floor. The drain had a crack and that’s how they entered. We installed a new drain and haven’t seen one since — or maybe I should say yet! Finding their entry point really helps. The exterminators should at least be able to do that. Wishing you success in eliminating them!
  • Nancy Walters Nancy Walters on Jan 21, 2018
    Yeah, heard that too.spent $20 on a big container of mint oil, it was sticky, in concentrate smelled nasty, and it did not bother a single mouse.
    Grape did
  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Jan 21, 2018
    One plant in the house would not do it, it would have to be anywhere they are to get them to leave. A good old fashioned mouse trap baited with peanut butter and place on all the paths they take will help control them. It is a quick death but the critters need to go. You do need to make sure any entry into the house is blocked, they don't need much space to get into the house. Even the places where electric and gas come in may be big enough for them to squeeze in.
    • Bonnie Choo Bonnie Choo on Jan 21, 2018
      Thank you. We have several lg glue traps out, w/ pb. My husband just put a tsp + in the middle...should the pb be more flat and just in the middle? We have used hotel traps in the oven. May have to get more of them too.
  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Jan 21, 2018
    The sticky traps don't kill the mice, they can be stuck for hours squeaking. If you want to use the sticky traps they work well underneath things that are low to the ground, but part of there highway system to get around. For some reason they must not see them on their path cuz they just keep coming. We had an infestation one late fall and had as many as eight on one standard sticky trap that was on their path to the pantry. I put out a lot of regular mouse traps baited with peanut butter and really got a lot in my pantry where they like to hang out.
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