What is the spice you suggest to get rid of mice in your kitchen?

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  • Marie Zarlingo Marie Zarlingo on Jan 26, 2018
    A cheap poison to mix up with equal parts of powdered sugar and boric acid powder which is used for killing roaches. This formula not only kills mice,roaches, and ants, but I have used it on the past to kill an infestation of honeybees nesting in the basement of my home. Pave it in a small container in corner of the cupboards, or the corner of a counter top. Within a few days, you will notice they start to disappear. After they eat a sample, they go look for water.Every month you may need to mix up a fresh batch of it, and replace it with the fresh one. You can buy boric acid powder and powdered sugar at Dollar Tree stores for $1. Good luck Joyce
  • Marie Zarlingo Marie Zarlingo on Jan 26, 2018
    I meant to say place it in a container, but mispelled place with "paver"
  • Tinyshoes Tinyshoes on Jan 26, 2018
    Peppermint on cotton balls is what we used in our RV and it worked!
  • Ebbjdl Ebbjdl on Jan 27, 2018
    You need cat hair, from a brushing. Put it in paper envelopes, seal, and make small holes in the envelopes, then put them in your cabinets below in the back. This will get rid of them. If you don't have a cat, borrow some from someone that has a cat.
  • Kelly Kelly on Jan 27, 2018
    We use peppermint oil. We have a weekend home in the woods and had a really bad mouse problem. The peppermint oil worked great.
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