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I came up with this Idea because when I was a kid. I discovered putting a few nails in a piece of wood and wrapping string around it was so cool. I found the perfect colored yarn for the wrapping of the nails. And the wood is a small shadow box, to make it stick out from the wall. This will make it look extra dimensional. The nail size
i nailed it sweet valentines
These are my supplies, theres a few I forgot to add a plastic food cutting sheet for the stencil. A bottle of paint very light cream to paint the wood, and felt to cut the hears out of. I made a plastic heart stencil and placed the nails around the outer edge of the plastic. About an Inch apart, I didn't drill the holes first, but i recommend doing so, Just a bit smaller then the size of the nail. This way to won't split the wood.
This is what the heart looked like after i put all the nails in the board. Then i began wrapping the yarn. Its not necessary to wrap the yarn any certain way. unless you want it uniform. It was trial and error for me I haven't made one of these, this is the first time, so I just ran with it.
i nailed it sweet valentines
This section shows some of the process, me drawing the paper heart, to make the plastic stencil. Tracing and cutting the stencil. And After I have put the nails in the board. And starting the Process of wrapping the yarn on the nails.
i nailed it sweet valentines
This is what the heart looked like when I got my pattern down, and figured out what i was doing. I used a yarn that was multi colored and the colors were short spaced apart. This makes it look really cool. Other wise if you dont get this type of yarn colored this way, you have to cut pieces and do multiple colors. Where the yarn I used was already colored this way. Then when this was done it looked pretty bare, so i cut some pink felt hearts. Took some purple fabric paint and gave them small lines like they were sewed. This added to the look of the felt. Those hearts I also cut out a stencil from the same cutting matt, for a template. I Glued the felt hearts on to the wood with elmers glue.

i nailed it sweet valentines

Suggested materials:

  • Wood  (Michaels Craft Store)
  • Yarn  (Walmart)
  • Nails  (Homedepot)
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    on Feb 15, 2018

    Your AWESOME !!!!!!! Glad you Love it.

  • Marianne
    on Mar 4, 2018

    Oh yes...I crochet and sew. There are a lot of pieces left. The holidays would be a nice, fun way to have a project with my nine year old grandson! Thanks

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