Asked on Mar 5, 2018

What can I do about getting over run by my animals fleas?

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Every year this is a battle. No matter how clean I keep my house and my pets the fleas seem to invade! I have learned many things for my animals but my furniture and rugs still seem to harbor these pests! What can I do besides a bunch of chemicals?

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  • Mary
    on Mar 5, 2018

    first and foremost, deflea your animals and keep flea collars or flea treaments on them @ all times. That is half the battle. Next, bomb your house with a Flea bomb. Then start fresh with defleaed animals and house. You might want to put something on your yard (pet friendly) to kill most of the fleas
  • Dia7630599
    on Mar 5, 2018

    #1- ALL pets need to be on GOOD flea control, meaning an ORAL product (Comfortis, Bravecto or Nexgard). Fleas are becoming immune to the topicals. #2- Flea bomb the house. The flea life cycle from egg to adult takes 3 months, so keep up with the flea control! Unless you live in snow country or the desert, flea control is usually necessary year-round. Good luck!
  • Janet Pizaro
    on Mar 5, 2018

    Use the flea maintenance control from Bravecto which is a three month flea and tick privation.Second you must treat the yard, use food grade diatomeous earth, inside pour baking soda on the carpets and if still you cannot get rid of the fleas you will have to resort to flea bombs
  • Shirley Bishop
    on Mar 5, 2018

    i have used Advantage II on all my animals inside and out side (cats and dogs) gives flea protection by killing adult fleas, larvae, and eggs may take a month or more to kill down the flea population but will do it if you have carpet in the house vacuum every day and throw out (outside out of the house) the bags from your vacuum. you can get a spray from a vet to spray your carpets to kill the fleas. go and check out this page
  • Mogie
    on Mar 5, 2018

    We use Serseto Flea collars. Have 5 cats and 2 dogs and zero fleas.
  • Sandra Allen
    on Mar 5, 2018

    Clean your pets with dawn soap. Sprinkle salt in the carpeting and leave overnight. When you vacuum, toss the bag. Put some brewers yeast in your dogs food, or a little bit of garlic juice in their water. This keep the fleas off as they don't like the taste of their blood anymore. Then do this.
  • Leslie Florence
    on Mar 5, 2018

    I have found salt works good on carpets, just spread it around, be sure to add more salt when you vacuum, I also use a flea trap, you can either buy one or make your own, fill a bowl with water put it on the floor with a light above it, fleas jump in because of the light and they drown, I hate fleas
  • Eclipsebigdog
    on Mar 5, 2018

    We have not seen a live flea nor tick in the last 20 years! We use the Heart worm prevention for the dog, flea and tick for the cat. Both of these are pricey and come from the vet. A good exterminator for inside and out side the house for infestations and follow their advice. we live in Southeastern Virginia and we use the meds year round. You can make a flea trap by using a shallow dinner plate, fill with water, a drop of dishwashing liquid and a desk lamp on and hanging over plate.
    Dishwashing liquid makes an excellent flea shampoo(keep out of the eyes) and is much cheaper and does as well as so called flea shampoos.

  • Joy30150932
    on Mar 5, 2018

    Get your pets a flea collar and this should resolve your problem.
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