Planter Repair and New Home

Well, Spring is here and we have been getting some great weather. time to think about sprucing up the yard. My son’s friend was here and had these in the back of his truck. Of course I asked what he was doing with them ‘Oh gonna Trash them one of them is blown out on the side” he graciously gave them to me rather than find a way to get rid of them. That is how I got started with this project. With a little all purpose gorilla glue some tooth picks, henry’s Lightweight concrete and paint I had a vision and it was easy.
Time: 2 HoursCost: $10Difficulty: Easy
The one corner of planter was damaged the worst, so I went to work with my gorilla glue.
I started gluing lose spots and filling in gaps with glue took toothpicks and jammed them into deeper areas and just snappped them off inside. I used ducked tape to secure in place.
Once the glue was dry I sanded off the excess glue and areas that I would be filling with lightweight concrete.
Gorilla glue expands when dry. I just took a sanding block to the raised areas and it was ready to go with the lightweight concrete
  • planter repair and new home
I really didn’t care for the color they were and I knew it needed to be brighten up.
I applied about 3 coats of lightweight concrete as it dried to add the groves and smoothed it with my fingers.
Once it was all dry i sanded with a sanding block and wiped it clean before painting
  • planter repair and new home
you can hardly tell it was damaged after my repairs
  • planter repair and new home
I had some Krylon fusion paint for plastic and went to work.
This was really an easy save the most time spent was waiting for glue and lightweight concrete to dry.
they are waiting for planting season.
I love the way they turned out! Now if I could just hurryup the cold weather so I can plant in them!

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