Adapting a Tray for Under the Tv.

I had two trays left over after I put both monitors on the desk at eye level. So, I needed one under the tv. But it had legs just a bit too far apart to fit on my tv table. So, I fixed it!!
Time: 25 HoursCost: $1Difficulty: Easy
  • adapting a tray for under the tv
After setting the tray on the table, I realized it was just too wide, and I mean by 1"!!
  • adapting a tray for under the tv
I knew I needed something to keep the legs from splaying out. I thought of glass nuggets, jar lids, and finally came up with clothes pins.
  • adapting a tray for under the tv
When uncoupled, they were the perfect size to keep the legs straight. With some E-6000 glue and scotch tape, it was a 24 hour wait to let them dry.
  • adapting a tray for under the tv
Then the tray was put to the test. It might look a bit crooked, but the table has a shorter leg is all. I say it took 25 hours but that is because it had to dry good. If you have another kind of fast acting glue, it would take less time.
  • adapting a tray for under the tv
And here is the other, which didn't need any help at all. These trays are the coolest and I am happy they got to stay in my home. N-JOY!!

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