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Above Ground Pool Steps

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The pool ladder that came with our pool just was not working for my husband that has many health issues. So I had to put my thinking cap on and get some steps for him to be able to get in the pool.
above ground pool steps
I went dumpster diving. My ex- coworker was having a remodel. So I asked what they would be doing with the old steps. She said they would just be throwing them out. So I kindly ask her if it was OK if I could have them and I would come over to get them. She said yes.
above ground pool steps
So I did. The very nice gentlemen put them in the back of my truck for me. But while I was there I figured I might as will see what else was in this dumpster. So I found some four by sixes and a few other flat boards and I thought I can use these for another project. So I took them with me also.
above ground pool steps
My neighbor was kind enough to come over and help me move the steps in front of the pool. We brought those four by sixes over and placed them at the top where we wanted them. Once they were inplace We screwed the steps to the post with 3 1/2" screws, making sure everything was level.
above ground pool steps
Now to move on, We had to add an extra step. My neighbor Cut some boards to make the step level. I had an extra plank laying around that we cut for the bottom step.
above ground pool steps
And there you have it...the bottom step and It is level.
above ground pool steps
With that completed we could now add the bottom posts. Next we connected the top post with the bottom post with a 2x4.
above ground pool steps
We so added a 2x4 connecting the top post to the bottom post on the bottom for some sturdiness. We also took another 2x4 an ran it underneath the handrail in opposite direction for some sturdiness.
above ground pool steps
Finished painting and added my painted seashells. Just have to finish up walkway. I was able to exchange the old pool ladder for one that goes right in the water. This will make it much easier for my husband to get into the pool. I'm very happy with it and so is he.

Suggested materials:

  • Pre made steps  (Friend)
  • 2x4's  (Lowes)
  • Paint  (Lowes)
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  • Wendy
    on Jul 1, 2018

    These are fabulous and I'm sure will be a great help to many!

  • Altmanrainey25
    on Dec 2, 2018

    I just a pool and myself and hubby have knee and hip issues I was also thinking about putting the same steps up to I'm also looking at some in water stepping that actually are curved to kinda hug the wall looks more to a in ground step they will be so more easier to get out of pool also I found them on Amazon but your local spa n pool should carry or be able to. Order

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