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Scrap Wood Trim Heart

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I like to make thing with the materials I have around my house. I'm a bit of a neat freak, so I don't like stuff laying around but on the flip side I hate to waste. Today I wanted to use my scrap wood that I had left over from other projects. I also used the napkin technique that I did on my table top that everyone loved as I had these fun party napkins laying around. So lets get started.
scrap wood trim heart
All you need is scrap wood and a napkin that you like!
scrap wood trim heart
What you'll need:
Paint brush
Mod podge
Jig saw
Screw gun
scrap wood trim heart
To begin get your napkin and prep it by taking and pulling all the layers apart
scrap wood trim heart
Next apply the mod podge... get a good even coat all over it. You will need to move kind of quick so it doesn't dry.
scrap wood trim heart
Then you'll take your napkin and lay it on top the mod podge board. Smooth it the best you can if you get wrinkles it will add character to it.
scrap wood trim heart
Paint and gather some other wood scraps you want to use.
scrap wood trim heart
These are the backs of the boards I picked
scrap wood trim heart
Draw your heart or shape you'd like. I have also done the shape on my state.
scrap wood trim heart
Apply the wood glue to the back of your boards
scrap wood trim heart
Once you have applied your glue lay them on top of the board. Do NOT lay them on the side where you drew your shape.
scrap wood trim heart
Now you will want to let them dry fully.
scrap wood trim heart
You may need claps or weight (in my case a large book) if the wood pieces are different heights because you will want a good hold.
scrap wood trim heart
Now that they are secured down and fully dry you will want to flip the board over. Here add a few screws because if you don't when you go to cut sometimes the vibration will loosen them, or they may pop off.
scrap wood trim heart
Once you have your screws in use the jig saw and cut out your shape. You may need to sand the edges if it gets rough.
scrap wood trim heart
Here it is all done! I think they always come out amazing I hope this inspires you to try a wood project with extra pieces you have laying around!

Suggested materials:

  • Wood  (Lowe's)
  • Napkin  (Dollar Tree)
  • Trim  (Lowe's)
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  • Wendy
    on Oct 11, 2018

    This is so lovely, and can be used for so many things! Bookends, party decor, table numbers, it's endless!!

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