Burlap, Lace and Twine Altered Can

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Don't you just love using materials to alter the look of re-purposed items? I love collecting cans and you can easily alter most cans using just about any type of material into a beautiful creation! Luckily, I had everything I needed in my stash to create this look!

Let's start with a clean dry can. Sometimes it's easier to remove the entire printed label just by peeling it off than to paint over it all! Next, measure the amount of burlap material needed to cover the can with a little bit of overhang on the top and bottom.

Then apply a generous amount of mod podge over the entire can and wrap the burlap around it, smoothing out the fabric as you wrap.

Be sure to smooth out the edges over the top and bottom of the can, too.  I used DAP Rapid-Fuse glue on the metal top and bottom for a more permanent adhesion and then cut out a round piece of burlap slightly smaller than the bottom to cover and glue in place.

For a decorative effect, place a dab of rapid-fuse glue on the center of the can and begin coiling twine around in a circle . . .

adding a bit of glue to hold the twine in place as you continue to coil. 

Stop coiling the twine when there's about an inch of space left at the top and bottom, letting the twine hang off for the time being. Dress up the twine by gluing on a piece of lace trim around the edges. I used a piece of white lace trim that I dipped in leftover coffee and let dry to add a bit of color to the lace. Once the lace is glued in place, continue coiling the twine over the binding of the lace until the binding is covered. Then cut off the excess twine.

Next, (laser) print out a floral design found online and wet the edges with water. Use a razor scraper to remove excess paper to fit image onto the twine.

Then adhere image to twine using Mod Podge.

To make the decorative top, use a round object like a top a few inches larger than the can top as a pattern to cut out a burlap circle. Use burlap thread pulled out of the burlap material to sew around the top. Then baste stitch about 1/2" from the burlap edge, around the edges, leaving enough thread to gather and secure the burlap

Using the top of the can as a guide, draw around the can on cardboard and cut out.

Then stuff the gathered burlap with poly-fil and tuck in the cardboard circle on top, gathering the burlap tightly over the cardboard. Adjust the stuffed burlap to fit the top of the can. Tighten the burlap around the cardboard with needle and burlap thread in a criss-cross pattern to close. 

Next, measure a piece of twine by placing the end just under the top and going up and across the stuffed portion and back down to just under the top, pulling tightly and cut off. Cut three more pieces the same length for a total of four pieces. Find the center of the twine pieces and glue each one on top of the other at the center and let dry. 

Press down the twine group in the center of the stuffed top and add glue (Rapid-Fuse) holding in place until dry - about 30-60 seconds. Glue down each twine piece in place on bottom, making sure to space evenly around top, as pictured.

Cut another circle piece of burlap to fit over the gathered bottom portion and sealed with mod podge and let dry. And finally, glue on a decorative knob in the center of the twine on top.

Check out my blog post to see the picture of how it looks as a pin cushion top and a catch-all to hold scissors, threads and the like!

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  • Can
  • Burlap
  • Twine
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