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I want to share my before and after project!

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So many people on this site have given me advice during this project so I wanted to let you know I FINALLY finished!!! A neighbor gave me two of these office chairs several yrs ago for a garage sale. When they didn't sell, I left them in my garage and one day decided to upcycle them. I probably started on this at least three yrs ago and bought the fabric even longer ago. During that time, the fabric became less beautiful to me, but I chose to still use it since I like the colors. I took the chair apart, sanded the wood, primed, painted 4 coats of high gloss deep red. Then I decided deep red was just too much, so I removed the paint, sanded, and then applied a navy blue stain. Applied several coats to get the color I wanted. Then I started covering the seat and back. I added foam to the seat to make it more comfortable and as you can see, now the seat and back touch each other, but that's OK. All along the way, I asked you nice HomeTakers this and that and got great answers. I'm tops at procrastinating -- thus the long time in finishing. One might think I'd been preparing chairs for the White House considering the time it took. 😊 But, the important thing now is that THEY'RE FINISHED!!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍 Thanks to all who helped me along the way.

q i want to share my before and after project
q i want to share my before and after project
q i want to share my before and after project
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