A DIY Organic Garden Insect Spray That Works!

I have had problems in my backyard herb garden for a couple of years with some type of insect that devoured basil and marigolds (often the least-touched plants). I had tried a couple other organic pest deterrents with limited success. But this year the bugs were particularly bad and made their way across the path to eat all the growing tips of a trumpet vine. If I was going to get enough basil for our year's worth of pesto and a bloom on the trumpet vine, I needed to take action.
Note: the recipe is located on my blog-
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One of the things I had tried briefly last year that seemed to work was a homemade garden insect spray made with garlic and mint, a bit of cayenne and soap. So I decided this year to write down a "recipe" and record the before-and-after pictures to share the results. And I'm glad I did - I was blown away by the success of this easy, natural pest deterrent!
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This shows how bad the basil had been attacked by the mystery bug (some have suggested earwigs, but I've never seen them), 2 weeks after spraying and then 4 weeks later. Can you believe it?
  • garden tips doy organic insect spray, gardening, go green, pest control
This is a super healthy basil plant now - even more healthy than my main garden basil that wasn't ever attacked. Seriously amazing.
  • garden tips doy organic insect spray, gardening, go green, pest control
Here's another before and after for you: the bugs attacked most of the tender new growth of my trumpet vine.
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After only 2 sprayings (and a bout of rain after the 1st), the trumpet vine is loaded with new growth and I'm having to prune it back (if you know anything about trumpet vines, you'll know it's back to normal now, ha!).
***NOTE: read more and get the spray recipe on my blog AT THE LINK BELOW - I'm so happy to be able to share this with other gardeners!
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    • Carolynm
      Carolynm Winchester, VA
      on Aug 9, 2014

      I assume that this will not harm dogs.

        • Robin Henning-Urbanek
          Robin Henning-Urbanek Capac, MI
          on Dec 10, 2014

          Please check the ASPCA.org for information on the hazards of garlic, onions and other human food hazardous to dogs. If you want to play Russian Roulette with your pets, go ahead

        • Lorin G
          Lorin G Jacksonville, FL
          on Aug 9, 2014

          I have problem with snails. They eat all my plants, flowers and all. I do have a dog so am very cautious about what I use in the yard. Think this would work on snails?

            • Kathinka
              Kathinka Belgium
              on Apr 28, 2018

              I spray my whole garden with garlic water.

              Soak per 3 gallon water 1 garlic bulb (cut the cloves in halves!) for 24h.

              Filter and spray over the garden using a watering can. If you use a spray, make sure it's really wet and not just a mist of water .

              Do this every week for about 2 months as soon it's not freezing anymore (i start end of february), then keep repeating every 2 weeks during spring and summer.

              I kept watering during fall as well, untill frost in winter, because there were so many little (0.5") black slugs, and in the compost bin i found 2 places with a LOT of huge eggs from the Arion rufus a slug that can become 6"/15cm, so no wonder nothing would grow in my garden.

              Next year I had a beautiful herb garden and could harvest for the first time in 8 y my pies, corn, beans, etc.

              After a few years you will notice you can use the garlic water once a month, but as soon as you notice more slug damage, water more frequently for the rest of the year.

              My husband asked repeatedly to give up gardening but now I am glad I didn't :-)