Asked on Nov 8, 2019

How should I use this space in our kitchen?

Geneva M FlorenceWilliamDebi53


Hey!Help with suggestions on how to fill these two odd spaces in our kitchen. Thanks :)

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  • Holly Lengner - Lost Mom
    Holly Lengner - Lost Mom
    on Nov 8, 2019

    You could make a rolling shelf between the fridge and stove or fill that small space with a little shelf that's the same height at the stove.

    There's a post here on how to create the rolling spice shelf and you could do something similar.

  • Johnavallance82
    on Nov 8, 2019

    Hello Geneva,

    Right hand side fit a Tray rack cookerside and bottle rack fridge side( tall counter height unit, divided by by a panel down centre with pigeon holes for wine on fridge side and tray space on cooker side.

    Left hand side, Kitchen trolley to match look of cabinets and fitted out as required - but mobile! Hope that's of help.

  • MamaSita
    on Nov 8, 2019

    The left side is a bit more complicated because you have cabinets. The right side, just find the smallest uppers and lowers and place them next to the existing cabinet. Move the fridge over a bit if needed. I have a 9 inch wide upper and lower, same small space on the right side.

    Left side...are you willing to give up the doors to the cabinet at the far end by the wall? If so, buy a lower cabinet and attach then put in a countertop that will match or change out all the countertops to get them to match.

  • Robyn Garner
    Robyn Garner
    on Nov 8, 2019

    That's a really odd space you've got and I can see the difficulty. I think for it to all "come together" I would remove all the upper cabinets and move whatever you can to the right. Basically build a new section of cabinets around the stove and refrigerator all to the right into that corner. This will leave the existing sink side accessible and balance it all out. You'll also have to relocate the stove hood. 😎

  • Judy in Canton.
    Judy in Canton.
    on Nov 8, 2019

    You may have to lose the base cabinet and have a "blind cabinet" installed in the corner to bring it over to where the stove is and find a counter top to match. You'll actually get more storage space. A small narrow cabinet can be inserted between the stove and refrig can hold cookie sheets,etc. Having counter spaces next to your appliances will save you steps when removing or adding items from those appliances. I notice an outlet is there which is convenient for appliances. You have a nice size kitchen .

  • Emily
    on Nov 8, 2019

    lots of good ideas above. I like Robyn's idea of moving upper cabinets to right. The problem remains though of lack of counter space adjacent to the stove. If you moved stove and refrigerator both to the right, you would have room for a trolley type thing with a counter next to the stove. (my own stove and refrig are only about 2 inches apart.

  • Debi53
    on Nov 10, 2019

    If there is enough space between the stove and the existing cabinet, I would remove the door and drawer that are currently there and have a new cabinet built using the existing door and drawer so that it matches the other cabinetry. This way you would not lose any storage space and would only have to have a base built and paint it to match. You could have a butcher block top made or possibly find the same countertop you have for a seamless look. I would move the fridge as close to the wall as possible and have a pull-out storage cabinet built topping it with the same countertop you use for the other side. This would make a great narrow storage for storing all the lids for your cookware or for hanging pots and pans from S hooks or for canned goods. There are so many possibilities.

  • William
    on Nov 10, 2019

    The rolling shelf between the fridge and stove is a great idea. Shelves should be open on the stove side. A small island on casters on the left of the stove. Roll it out when you need some prep area. Roll it back when you don't need it. Would also be extra storage.

  • Geneva M Florence
    Geneva M Florence
    on Nov 10, 2019

    Thank you all so much! We will be in our new space in 2 weeks and will take everything you guys have said.

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