Epoxy Glass Tree on a Wood Slice

12 Materials
6 Hours

I had several wood rounds that were kicking around for awhile that I wanted to try a resin project on. Since it was a tree slice I thought I'd paint a tree with a sunset in the background peeking through the branches, nothing too difficult.

Wooden Round

I gave it a low grit sanding with my sander because it was pretty rough in texture from being cut with a chainsaw. I didn't make it completely smooth because I still wanted it to be rustic and not perfect.

Because I had a fresh layerof wood now I chose to seal it with a water based conditioner before I started painting it.

Adding color.

I divided the tree slice in half thinking I'd paint flowers or something in the bottom portion. The sunset I used orange and yellow craft paint in different intensities to create a fade out look, I kept my artists brush wet which allowed me time to do blending between the two colors. A little white was added to the yellow for the outside tone. The base I started dark and worked my way down to the bottom horizontally to taupe. I added black to my brown for the deepest color and a little white for the lightest color, again using a wet brush to blend.

Then onward to do a random search for tree shapes, I wanted something full and rounded. I liked this one because it had a curve very similar to the wood round I was using. I'd use it to go by for my outline but then while I was searching I stumbled upon this!

Glass Tree on Canvas

It was all shiny and gold and beautiful and it caught my eye so much so that I got to thinking, "I can do something like that on my tree slice". The wheels were moving now on the brain train!

Glass Shards

Well, well, well look what I had to use, glam shards that I bought at Michael's years ago for vase filler!

Best of all there were two different colors! I knew they'd come in handy for more than making a vase or candle look pretty!

Can you picture it? Gold for the tree leaves and brown for the rocks and dirt! Now I could confidently go on to the next step which was the tree outline.

Creating the Tree Outline

I used a gold paint marker, there's no right or wrong way to do this because afterall there are no two tree with limbs and branches alike! Your branches closest to the trunk will be a little thicker of course and the roots will be tinier than the branches. You can just follow an outline like I did or try a little practice on some paper first if you are unsure.

Close up of the Leaves

The leaves are just tiny dashes put in wherever there's branches, it's not hard.

Adding Leaves to Tree

Here's how the leaves look far off, now can you tell where I left out one or added in one extra? Exactly, I rest my case so don't fuss over it!

Aleenes Tacky Glue

Next was adding the glass bits on, I used an artist's brush to put a tiny drop of Aleenes Tacky Glue to each piece.

Glass Bits Glued in Place

Again don't fuss over the exact placement, just step back and see how it looks and you'll know what looks to be enough. Next is the exciting part....epoxy pour! I prepared a short video to show you how I prepped for it and this was only my second time using this product, so I'm still learning.

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Prepartion before Pouring Epoxy

I realize now a lot of people suggest using a respirator when using epoxy, not necessarily because of the odour but because of the possible harmful chemicals in it. I can assure you that a respirator is on my to buy list for next time, safety first always!

Close up of Epoxy

Sneak peak, oh I can't wait to show you how good it looks!

Tree Slice with Epoxy

Now what do you think of my poor, little,old tree slice? Its not perfect but its pretty and I love it because it displays two of my loves...sunsets and trees!

Close Up of Cured Epoxy Tree

I found it hard to photograpgh and get a clear image because of the high gloss but the resin was very smooth and clear. The colors were altered a little but that's okay, they got intensified really.

Tree Slice Display

Can't have a tree without a little bird nearby waiting to perch in it!😁 I thought it really tied in well with the yellow and brown walls in our guest room. This bedroom has been featured in a previous Hometalk post if youd like to check it out follow the link http://www.hometalk.com/41696187/bedroom-conversion-two-become-one</p" target="_blank">http://www.hometalk.com/41696187/bedroom-conv...>

Final Look

I hope you enjoyed my take on the glass epoxy tree and in my next post I'll share with you how I created the book stack seen here!

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3 questions
  • Carole White
    on Jan 7, 2020

    Wow, you did a beautiful job with this!! I would think that the epoxy step could be left out, no? It looked gorgeous even before you did that. Thanks for sharing

    • Claudia Hayes
      on Feb 4, 2020

      I love this project and I have many of those smaller boards that I use with my wind chimes and always have rocks left after a water fountain takes a dive and it gets trashed. Thanks a lot. Will try it and also will check out your blog.

  • Liz
    on Jan 7, 2020

    Would love to try this, how do you get the epoxy to not flow over the edge? Maybe you are using a very thin layer?

    • Liz
      on Jan 9, 2020

      Thank you so much. Had I thought I would have realized to use Google. Thanks again. Such a beautiful project.

  • MariaTerez
    on Feb 4, 2020

    This is really cute

    I want to try this on the stump my son stuck by my front door!

    Also can I have a better pic of your wall!??

    And the technique ,tools etc. Its beautiful!!👍

    • Sea Trace Creations
      on Feb 4, 2020

      The link to the bedroom makeover was listed at the end of the post. Follow the link and let me know if you don't find what you are looking for. Thanks.

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  • Dena Cowart Burtness
    on Jan 22, 2020

    Love this so much! Thank you for sharing!❤️

  • Shannon Phelan
    on Feb 4, 2020

    Now this DIY ! "THIS ONE" IS... THE ONE FOR ME!💜


    • Sea Trace Creations
      on Feb 4, 2020

      You sound really motivated and Im so glad that my idea inspired you, enjoy! It was fun to create and easy but most of all the results are amazing! Enjoy and share if you like when you are finished, I'd love to see your take on it ! Thank you!

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