Asked on Mar 15, 2020

How can I hide plumbing for a pedestal sink?

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The plumbing is readily visable behind my pedestal sink. I would like to hide it without having to purchase a cabinet.

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  • Em
    on Mar 15, 2020

    Install a pedestal sink that has a stand designed to conceal the plumbing. In some cases, you may be able to use your existing sink basin and only replace the stand. Call a plumber if you are uncomfortable with this type of project.

    Place a small folding screen around the base of your pedestal sink to hide the plumbing. Keep in mind this will also hide the sink's stand, but you can use the area behind the screen for extra storage.

    Conceal the plumbing fixtures on your pedestal sink by wrapping them with decorative objects such as fake vines or ribbons. Use wide ribbon for faster installation. Wrap the objects around the pipes from top to bottom.

    Cover the area beneath the pedestal sink with decorative accessories. Place tall ceramic or glass vessels on either side of the sink base to cover the pipes. Arrange tall potted artificial plants in a formation on the floor around the sink.

    Paint the plumbing so it blends into the wall behind the pedestal sink.

    Affix a cloth sink skirt that fits around the basin to hide anything that lies beneath. Peel off the adhesive backing at the top of the skirt and press into place around the pedestal basin. Use the area behind for storage space.

  • Beth
    on Mar 15, 2020

    Here's another idea for you:

    I wanted to link to the original site, but it no longer exists, but Pinterest has a copy of this idea saved.

  • Attach a skirt to the sink using velcro.

  • Dee
    on Mar 15, 2020

    I personally do not like the curtains around a pedestal sink. I would frame it out or go to a builders supply store and get a cheap vanity to put around it. Here are some other ways.

    Conceal it in the wall and vanity cupboard.

    If your vanity is wall hung, ideally you want the waste pipe to be coming through the wall and through the back of the vanity with a p-trap. If the vanity has depth, an s trap should also work. It all depends on how high the waste enters the back of the vanity.

    Use a Bottle Trap.

    Bottle traps are often used on wall basins or open vanities where the waste pipe can be seen when entering the bathroom. Bottle traps will add expense to your budget, but they are unobtrusive and are a stylish option.

    Use Chrome Plated Traps or Get a Copper Trap Chrome Plated.

    This can be a little fiddly, but can look great on wall basins or shallow, open vanities which require an exposed trap and waste. The process involves a plumber fitting and welding a chrome trap to the basin, then removing it to get chrome plated. This can take a day or so depending on how busy the chrome plater is. Once the traps are chrome plated, they can be picked up and taken to site to be installed. Alternatively, if PVC is installed, a chrome paint can be used, but the PVC must be clean for this to be effective.

    Paint it out.

    If your budget is limited, paint the pipe in the same colour as the tiles, wall or vanity.

  • Tinyshoes
    on Mar 15, 2020

    Vicki...You can purchase a cafe curtain of the proper length and use self stick Velcro on the fabric and sink. You can thread a ribbon through the rod pocket so it can be drawn together making a pretty gather.. Hope this makes sense to you and it helps. Good luck

  • K. Rupp
    on Mar 15, 2020

    Hi Vicki, I'm not a fan of curtains underneath a sink. I used to have a plant right at the base of the pedestal on either side in matching urns. It did the trick for me to hide the plumbing pipes.

  • Vimarhonor
    on Mar 15, 2020

    Hello. We tucked the water lines behind the pedestal as best we could and I have some decorative items on the floor also so that helps disguise the plumbing situation. Hope this helps.

  • Johnavallance82
    on Mar 15, 2020

    Hello Vicki,

    Apply battens on to wall and box them in using timber or board! Best wishes

  • Morgan McBride
    on Mar 16, 2020

    You could add a fabric skirt.

  • Cynthia H
    on Mar 16, 2020

    I saw a clever cover-up a while back. They took a tall basket and cut out the back so they could push it under the sink, hiding the pipes on three sides.

  • Lifestyles Homes
    on Mar 16, 2020

    Buy a larger pedestal. The sink itself is hung on the wall.

    You could also build a 3-sided wood box and mastic ceramic tile to it

  • Sharon
    on Mar 16, 2020

    You could also change the hot and cold water lines to the new pex flexible stuff to put in the pedestal.

  • Dianacirce70
    on Mar 16, 2020

    This link has a lot of ideas. The one I like the best is the metal piping that you can use to hang fabric on. And its so simple to make little curtains for it, just use sew-witch to finish the edges, and velcro so its easy to take n and off. You should be able to do a single pedestal sink for $20-$25

  • Simple Nature Decor
    on Mar 17, 2020

    The plumbing is hidden behind the lower piece.

  • Ups48828918
    on Mar 18, 2020

    ditch the pedestal and drop the sink into the hole you cut in the top of an old dresser cut out for the plumbing and youre good-to-go!

  • The Bachelorette Pad Flip
    on Mar 21, 2020

    You can make a DIY "curtain" to wrap around it

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