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How should I landscape for more privacy with grasses/shrubs?

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We would like to place (4) additional evergreen screening shrubs/grasses in these "holes" to screen for a future pool. We probably have about 2-3 years until a pool install and would like the height to be about 6 feet (and very wide) and work nicely with these Nelly R. Stephens (about 12-15' tall) already planted. I was going to install Pampas Grass (for fullness, height, growth rate & complementing look) this weekend but have read the negative reviews and would love alternate ideas. These chairs are about 3 feet tall for reference and are placed about 7-9 feel (on center) apart. We live in far north central Texas in zone 7 (and pamas grasses are all over the neighborhood for screening).

Sketch of possible new grasses/shrub in front of the Nelly R. Stephens. Additionally, we will probably enclose the entire area (Nelly's, new shrub, & space for some annuals in front of all it) with a border to make mowing/edging easier for my husband.

Trampoline is likely in the future pool general location.

The Nelly R. Stephens are planted on a slight slope so planting new evergreen on the "inside" of them will provide taller screening than on the "backside." (there is also a couple of small plants here that will be moved)

I used these chairs for scale & placement reference. They are 3 feet tall and 2.5 feet wide.

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