How to Make Super Cute and Easy Fabric Christmas Trees!

7 Materials
30 Minutes

There's no reason to go out and buy fabric Christmas trees. You can easily make some yourself even with very basic sewing skills. But if you don't want to sew them together, you can hot glue them or use fabric glue as well. Just beware, they are so addicting, you'll end up making a forest full like I did!

Supplies Needed:
  1. Fabric - Fabric – decide how tall and how wide you want your tree. For an extra small (8 inch tall), you’ll need about 1/4 yd. of doubled fabric. I made mine about 24" tall and used about 1/2 yard for 2 of them.
  2. Matching thread, needle and scissors
  3. Sewing Machine or hot glue
  4. Poly-fil Stuffing
  5. Wooden dowel rod (height of rod should be height of tree plus 4 extra inches)
  6. Log slice for base (should be about half the width of the tree at bottom
  7. Drill with same size bit as dowel rod
Step 1

My advice is to choose thicker fabric. The thinner fabric shows lumps once it's stuffed. If that doesn’t bother you, then choose whatever fabric you like. Lay out your fabric, trace out your triangle and cut it out. I didn’t use a template. Try tracing a nice tall (about 24″) triangle instead.

Step 2

Put right sides of the fabric together and sew the length of the left and right sides (If you don’t want to sew it, here’s where you’d hot glue all the edges together). While sewing or hot gluing the bottom edge of the triangle, make sure and leave at least a 4 inch gap in the middle. You want to be able to get your hand inside to turn it right side out. 

Step 3

To get the corners pushed out as much as possible, use the wooden dowel rod or the stick that comes inside the bag of Poly-fil. Stuff the poly-fil inside the top of the tree first and work your way down making it as thick or as thin as you’d like. You don’t have to make it super full. The more poly-fil at the bottom the harder it is to pull it to sew together.

Step 4

It’s time to embellish or decorate your stuffed Christmas tree. On this particular tree I used a wired berry garland found at my local craft store and secured it by tacking it with a needle and matching thread on the seams and sides of the tree and at the top.

Step 5

After I was finished decorating it, I used a needle and matching thread to sew the opening on the bottom of the tree but left a small hole just large enough for the dowel rod to fit inside.

Measure your tree from top to bottom. You’ll add 4-5 inches to the measurement and cut the dowel rod. The rod stabilizes your tree and works as your tree trunk. Once inside, the rod will fit at the top of the tree and have about 4 or so inches sticking out as the tree trunk. Measure the end of dowel rod and drill the same size hole into the log slice. 

When you are finished, push the rod into the hole in the log slice/base. Insert the dowel rod into the tree and you are finished! You now have super cute fabric Christmas trees!

On this one I used vintage buttons but there are so many different ideas for these trees and they can be made to fit any decor style. If you want to see the FB live video of how we made them plus extra finished trees in different styles, check it out on the blog.

Suggested materials:

  • Fabric  (Craft store)
  • Needle, matching thread and scissors  (craft supplies)
  • Sewing machine or hot glue  (Craft store)
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