How to Make a Cardboard Christmas Tree With Wrapping Paper Tubes

Mitch Couch
by Mitch Couch

Looking for a fun craft for all those leftover cardboard tubes? Today, I'm going to show you how to make a cardboard Christmas tree. This is a simple DIY project and the result is really adorable. Keep reading and watching to learn more!

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Tools and materials

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Cardboard tubes
Cutting the cardboard tube

1. Cut the cardboard tubes

We're going to start with some of that old cardboard tubing you get from wrapping gifts. We can also use paper towel holders and some toilet roll holders. Take that long wrapping paper tube and cut it in half, but not exactly in half.

Cutting the tubes to different lengths

One piece needs to be a little bit bigger than the other.

Stacking the cardboard tubes

Here's our paper towel holder. This fits perfectly right here, number three position. Now you can grab a longer tube, offset it on the inside a little bit, mark your finger, and cut that tube also.

Cardboard tube Christmas tree

Just keep cutting tubes until we go all the way up to the top of our tree. Once we get all of those cut, let's put the trunk on.

Christmas fabrics

2. Cover the cardboard tubes in fabric

Next, we're going to grab some Christmassy fabric.

Cutting the fabric

Take that first layer of cardboard, place it on the fabric, and offset it a little bit because we need to tuck it in. This fabric's going to roll over the tube. We need enough to make sure that we have it to glue down. Cut out your piece.

Gluing the cardboard tube to the fabric

Once you get that cut out, run a bead of hot glue down the cardboard tube. Once you get that on there, roll the tube right into place.

Rolling the tube onto the glue

Run the glue across the top of the fabric, then roll the tube, wrapping it in fabric. Hold for about 10 to 15 seconds, and it's going to adhere.

Tucking the ends inside

Put a couple of beads of glue inside the tubes and tuck the ends of the fabric in.

Gluing the tubes together

3. Glue the tubes together

Now two tubes that are covered in the fabric, run a bead of glue right across the seam, and put these two tubes together. And again, just like any hot glue, hold it for 10 to 15 seconds.

How to make a Christmas tree out of cardboard tubes

I also used some burlap in there to intermingle, make it look good and stand out. Last but not least, add the trunk.

Gluing a paint stir stick to the back of the Christmas tree

4. Glue a paint stir stick to the back for support

The only issue we have is this is really not strong enough just having fabric glued to each other. So let's grab a paint stir stick, put some glue on the back side, turn it over, and press it onto the fabric. That's going to give it some stiffness.

Decorating the cardboard Christmas tree

5. Decorate

It's time to decorate. I grabbed a little bow that I made, put some hot glue on it, and put it onto my Christmas tree. You can add whatever you like.

Cardboard Christmas tree

Cardboard Christmas tree

Isn't that just beautiful sitting on top of your mantel with everything all decorated? I hope this inspired you to build your own upcycled Christmas tree.

What do you think of this simple cardboard Christmas tree? Let me know in the comments below.

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