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After painting the interior of my She Shed/Craft Shack it was time for me to work on the outside. When the shed initially was delivered, I had it placed at the very back of the property. Every project I would have to trudge all the way back there at least 10 times to get tools and supplies. Needless to say, that got old... QUICK. Major changes were in order for this little shed’s location and exterior! Here is how I did it for less than $200!

The “before” location.

My absolute first move was to relocate the shed in my yard. Now... there are a few ways that we could have done this ourselves, but the way my husband’s back is setup, I would have been doing the bulk of the grunt work. As you can imagine.... “ain’t nobody got time for that”! With that in mind, I located someone locally with a flat bed truck and he moved it for me for $150. (See.... I DO spend money SOMETIMES.... when the situation warrants I seriously first tried every configuration/scenario in my head of moving it all by myself.... I thought maybe I could MacGuyver it with a winch, but the idea of it failing and getting hurt and then being laid up with injuries just wasn’t worth it... so $150 it was!!) As is the case for anyone who doesn’t like spending money.... I made sure that I shopped around. The best price I received was for $100 (but his transmission went out on his truck- go figure!😫😫). Other quotes were $150, $200, and $600 (the NERVE!... $600!!! He tried to “mansplain” that he would have to bring two trucks and that it would be soooo difficult. I think he knew that I wasn’t suckered into his lies by the look on my face because after that he quickly wrapped up the conversation and left [I have a hard time hiding what I am thinking! 😂 My face tells EVERYTHANG!])....So the moral of the story is.... always shop around... unless you have an unlimited amount of money and don’t care... in which case we can’t be friends! 😜😜😜

Now that the shed was in its new location, homegirl needed a bit of a facelift. The shed was drab! Nothing special about it. The exterior was composed of T1-11 siding and 1x4 pressure treated wood. Early on while it was still in its old location I added some hooks to try to “dress up” the exterior, but by now even those hooks were “tired” and dusty!

I purchased premixed exterior paint from Walmart for $25 a can. (I used 1.25 cans to paint everything with 2 coats with a sprayer.)

I didn’t paint the exterior in the old location because there was foliage all around it... and I was afraid of being bit by a snake.... or “attacked” by a giant slug (my nemesis).... 🤷🏾‍♀️

While this could have easily been painted with a roller and a brush I opted for a paint sprayer. Using a piece of cardboard to block areas that I didn't want the overspray paint to go on, I made my way around the shed spraying areas within reach on the first go round and then hitting higher areas with my ladder.

After the first coat..... now... I know what you are paint?!?!?..... and you may also be thinking that your girl has essentially created a giant Tasty Bake Oven and is about to slow roast herself inside the shed in this NC sun.... and you wouldn’t be wrong because I thought this as well... but.... I had a vision and I decided to just go for it (and add an a/c unit to combat the heat... mama didn’t raise no fool! 😜).

First coat down, second coat to go!

I also “cut in” around the window and door trim with a brush for any areas that I was unable to reach with that sprayer.

And that's it.. A super simple upgrade that was done in two days. I am still debating about leaving the door trim the wood tone, but for now I think I will leave it!


Suggested materials:

  • Paint   (Walmart)
  • Paint brusher or sprayer   (Amazon)

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