Is there a way I can hide this eyesore without losing function?


It’s what you see when you walk into my high rise condo unit.

q is there a way i can hide this eyesore without losing function
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  • Rebecca Stauffer Rebecca Stauffer 7 days ago

    build yourself a screen kind of like your wall hanging so you can actually adjust the thermostat, paint the screen to match your other decoration, and paint the background where you will be hanging the screen so it blends into your screen. I would go almost floor to ceiling. You probably could hang pictures off of it as well, make it functional. Make it kind of like a trellis but not so evenly spaced just make sure you have it spaced really good for the thermostat and you could hang a movable picture of that to hide it.

  • I would put another 'prettier' grate over it.

  • Mogie Mogie 7 days ago

    I like option #3 but don't know if that would work in the area you have:

    10 Ways to Hide Your Return Vent Without Blocking Airflow

  • Janice Janice 7 days ago

    Here's a few ideaas you might consider.

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec 7 days ago

    Replace the grate cover with a more ornate one. Go to a diy store with the measurements and see what they have available in metal or plastic mesh. It can be cut to size and attached, maybe you could make a frame that would be more attractive and add the mesh to it.

  • William William 7 days ago

    You can buy decorative metal panels at Home Depot and Menards to replace the grill you have. Frame it out with wood and screw it on.

  • Either a decorative vent cover, or put a plant in front of it. A tall show plant, like a fiddler leaf fig or something.

  • Betsy Betsy 7 days ago

    Hi Krysten: You can use an old shutter to cover it. Paint it to match or contrast your wall. If you're artistic, you can close the slats and paint a picture on them and then open them and finish off the edges with paint to match what's on the front, like green for a leaf, etc., so the edges look like they're part of the shutter. Or, you can glue a picture on it.

    Check these ideas:

    I like the door mat idea :)

    Good luck

  • Vimarhonor Vimarhonor 7 days ago

    Hello. If you’re looking for a DIY here’s a link that could be helpful

  • Lindsay Aratari Lindsay Aratari 6 days ago

    Get a decorative shutter and paint it then lean against that

  • Kathy Gunter Law Kathy Gunter Law 6 days ago

    Vent or thermostat? You can put a piece of lattice over the vent and a basket around the thermostat. I did that and my Hvac guy said as long as you aren’t blocking it, you’re fine.

  • Dee Dee 6 days ago

    Blocking a return air vent can cause the HVAC system to not operate efficiently and can result in premature damage to the components inside your HVAC system.

    When you block the return air vents you shut off all airflow into the heating and cooling system. This in turn stops the airflow to your rooms in your house. This causes stress on the blower motor and other HVAC components which causes the system to work harder and wear out faster. The standard return air grille is a metal louvered door that covers the opening into the return air duct. It also serves as a placeholder for the air filter in your return vent.

    Typical metal louvered grille comes in various sizes and normally comes painted white. However, this is only a basic design. Decorative metal grilles or custom-built wood air return grilles can serve the same purpose and look better doing it.

    adder shelving has become popular in recent years. Ladder shelving is open at the bottom, has no backing, and is open on the sides. It leans up against the wall and either stands on its own or is secured to the wall at the top depending on the design.

    Since ladder shelving is mostly open it creates enough space to allow for unobstructed airflow into the air return. The key is to not place baskets or clutter the shelves to the point that airflow is restricted.

    This method is not necessarily a means of hiding the return air vent, it actually makes it a focal point in the room.

    It turns a boring white louvered return vent door into a work of art. You can purchase these custom made return air vent grills online through Etsy and other custom shops.

    These decorative metal grills are somewhat pricy but they are generally easy to install as a simple replacement for the existing door that you already have.

    Hobby Lobby, Home Depot and Lowes have some beautiful aluminum to replace boring vents.

    I would paint the thermostat with to match the wall and blend in.

  • Annie Annie 6 days ago

    Perhaps a privacy screen that you can easily move

  • Design and Do it Design and Do it 6 days ago

    you could build a diy cabinet door that looks like a painting. Then when you open it you will see the thermostat and the vent.

  • Chloe Crabtree Chloe Crabtree 4 days ago

    Yes, you can definitely add a decorative grate over this and if you need access to the thermostat, you can build the grate out from the wall a few inches so you can get your hand behind the grate to adjust it. This should not be a difficult project.

  • Kmdreamer Kmdreamer 3 days ago

    You.could hang a large picture over it or a grate and hang stuff on it you could also get a tall screen that is narrow and put it in front of that to cover it

  • Michelle Leslie Michelle Leslie 23 hours ago

    Hi Krysten, I would hang a thick gorgeous fabric or tapestry over that. It would make it easy to get to if you need to turn the dial. You can hang the fabric from a piece of wood that's an inch or so wide. That way the control won't make a bump in the fabric.

  • What about a blanket ladder that is tall and you can lean it up against the wall, but to where it is angled away still enough for some ventilation?

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