Lettuce table for growing vegetables right on the patio.

WE have loved this addition to the patio. Lettuce, Baby Bok Choy, Spinach, Miniature Bush tomatoes, and all sorts of greens can be grown most of the year here. We have added drip irrigation and that has been terrific.

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  • Eileen Millsap
    on Jan 17, 2013

    I want one! Approximate cost to build?

    • Kreisler
      on Mar 6, 2016

      @Eileen Millsap I have built two of the raised (Waist High) beds that are 3'w x 6'l x 36"h with a 20" deep bed for $56 in materials then soil and such was extra. This year I'm planning on 2-3 more, will total 5-6.

  • Aviva Zuckerman
    on Apr 25, 2013

    How deep does the planter need to be?

    • Kreisler
      on Mar 6, 2016

      @Aviva Zuckerman The depth all depends on what you plan to grow. Tomatoes, squash, etc. all require 12-16", where carrots, radishes, bok choy, lettuce, spinach and such only require 8-10". If you go with a "V-Troth" planter you can plant the deep rooting plants in the center and the shallow root plants around the edge. Take the troth planter in the photo and put legs on it to raise it up, this one is on wheels.

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