Beaver-chewed Wood Outdoor Table

by Choyce
3 Materials
8 Hours
I had to replace our old fire pit table as it was very tired from years of being in the sun and weather. I decided to go with beaver-chewed pieces of trees that we had found around the lake. I was not looking to create anything perfect, and as it turned out, it was a good plan. Working with natural pieces that have twists and curves can be quite challenging!
I gathered together some pieces of trees that I knew had been carved up by beavers. I like the ones that show all the teeth marks! Some pieces are very smooth, others are rough.
I had saved the nicely weathered pieces from the old table to serve as the table-top.

First I cut the four legs so there would be a flat base.
I drilled holes using a one inch drill bit, two holes through each log, perpendicular to each other, or at a right angle, but at different heights.

I had previously made things using the mortise and tenon method, but this time I wanted the smaller chewed branches to show the beavers' cut marks, and so wanted them to go right through and stick out the holes. But how to secure them??
I drilled small holes in the branches on both sides of the legs, then hammered thin pegs through them, thus keeping the branch from slipping through.
For the ends, and stability, I drilled through the leg and into the ends.

I counter-sank the screw nails, and used a piece of twig to finish the hole.
For the long side at the top I just screwed them in place, the screws won't show on the finished table. Then I put the boards along the top and screwed them in place.
Here is the finished product. It looks rough, but that was my aim. It serves the purpose, and that's all I really wanted.
I just hope this fellow doesn't want his wood back!!
This picture was taken off our front porch... beavers come onto our spit of land to eat grass or something every spring. THIS YEAR they they were leaving little piles of mud around - could be contemplating building a lodge! ON NO!
Suggested materials:
  • Four beaver-chewed logs   (found)
  • Several smaller branches and twigs   (found)
  • Screw nails, various lengths
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