Step-by-Step Guide to Making a Hula Hoop DIY Outdoor Table

You're going to want to load up on some cheap dollar store hula hoops this summer after you see this fabulous entertaining hack.

In this tutorial I'll show you how to make a lightweight, stylish, and affordable DIY outdoor table. Perfect for your porch, patio, or garden.

And who knew hula hoops could look so chic?

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Tools and Materials:

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Affordable DIY outdoor table for patios and gardens

1. Preparing the Hula Hoops

Start by laying down six 21-inch hula hoops on some butcher block paper.

Crafting a hula hoop table for outdoor spaces

Each hoop will be spray painted black.

Spray paint the hula hoops

Apply several coats to ensure all areas are well covered. Since these hula hoops are often covered in decorative tape, it may require a little extra paint to cover the pattern, but it will work out great.

Easy DIY project for outdoor furniture

2. Assembling the Base

Next, you'll join four hoops to the first hoop, attaching evenly on all four sides.

Creating a stylish outdoor end table with hula hoops

Attach the first hoop loosely with a black zip tie.

DIY furniture project

Three more hula hoops will be attached to the first hula hoop, creating an even pattern of five.

Attach the hula hoops with zip ties

3. Creating the Structure

A sixth hula hoop will be placed on top of an exterior hula hoop.

Creating the structure of your homemade table with hula hoops

It will be attached with a zip tie on its left side only.

Simple outdoor table

Each hula hoop on each side will be positioned vertically.

Outdoor decor ideas

Then they will be attached to the top hoop to create a cube shape.

Homemade patio furniture

Trim the ends of each zip tie with scissors to clean up the look.

Adding twine for support

4. Adding the Twine

Attach some lightweight twine to one side of the top hula hoop with double knots.

Portable furniture project

Leaving the roll intact, string the twine across the top hula hoop in random places to create a spiderweb effect.

Wrapping the twine to create a spiderweb effect

Wrap the twine twice around the hoop with each stop for added strength. Keeping the twine as tight as possible is key.

Cut off the remaining twine

End off by leaving lots of extra twine before cutting it off the roll, then knot and trim the ends.

Place the wood round on top to complete your cheap DIY table

5. Positioning the Wood Round

Finally, position the wood round onto the twine.

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DIY patio table

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How to Build a Lightweight Portable Table From Hula-Hoops

There you have it, a stylish and affordable DIY outdoor table that's lightweight enough to carry wherever you wish.

Since it's weather-resistant, this little DIY end table is perfect for a porch, patio, or even a lawn party.

If you enjoyed this tutorial, be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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