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From a Lowly Pallet to the Ultimate Tool Storage Shelf!

I desired some kind of shelf for my workshop tools, but wasn't really sure what to build. I mean, the sky's the limit where workshops are concerned, and the stuff you buy is usually expensive!
And then I glanced at the pile of junk on the floor, with a pallet sitting right on top. Taunting me to make it into something incredible.
Not one to bypass a good challenge, I flipped that lowly little pallet into a tool storage shelf that I'm so in love with, I wouldn't trade it for anything! Ok, maybe a trip to Hawaii...
This shelf flat out rocks. And it was free. Here's how I made it amazing...
This enhanced pallet tool shelf is perfect for the non builder! Utilizing the pallet as a frame, additions were screwed into place. That's it! Here's how...
I started with a plank and a little wooden crate. They were screwed together to create the lower shelf section right under the centre of the pallet. (see below)
Planks were then added to the top, middle and bottom, to extend the frame, allowing for more storage. Two planks were then screwed onto the left and right sides to enhance the look. A cross board was added for a little 'barn' style.
Mason jars filled with screws, and cubbies raided from a plastic tool storage station woke this little shelf right up storage wise! Can you believe the amazing fit of those plastic shelves in that crate? Talk about meant to be...
A couple of antique drain covers were added to hold two different grits of sandpaper. My free little pallet shelf looks like a million bucks!
See it working hard inside my workshop by clicking the link below!

To see more: http://bit.ly/FunkyPalletShelf

Ask the creator about this project

  • Miriam I
    Miriam I Bay Shore, NY
    on Jan 2, 2015

    This pallet looks like it was MADE for tool storage. So clever!

  • Diana
    Diana Canada
    on Jan 2, 2015

    Love the look of the shelf & your shop.

  • Fred
    Fred San Diego, CA
    on Feb 13, 2015

    Very cool Donna. Thx for sharing your ideas and creativity.

  • Álvaro
    Álvaro Brazil
    on Feb 17, 2015

    Very good and beautiful.

  • Lori
    Lori Gramercy, LA
    on Feb 17, 2015

    Love it and plan to do it asap (when possible)...

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