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Organizing Shoes

5 Minutes

I love turning clutter and free stuff into actual organizing solutions. Let's organize shoes in about 3 minutes with just 2 supplies: one that you probably already have, and one that is free.
a clever hack to save you from shoe clutter, how to, organizing, repurposing upcycling, storage ideas
Start with a pile of shoes. Sort and purge them. Put like sizes together and let go of the ones that just don't fit anymore.
a clever hack to save you from shoe clutter, how to, organizing, repurposing upcycling, storage ideas
Add a rectangular tote, like this one from Thirty-One. I'm betting you already have something like this.
a clever hack to save you from shoe clutter, how to, organizing, repurposing upcycling, storage ideas
Insert dividers from wine boxes. Free at local wine and liquor stores. Here in PA, the stores are called Fine Wine & Good Spirits. Kinda cracks me up. As if there is any other kind worth selling. Anyway, we're interested in their case dividers today.
a clever hack to save you from shoe clutter, how to, organizing, repurposing upcycling, storage ideas
These are little girl shoes size ~10. This will certainly work for bigger shoes, but with only one shoe per slot depending on the size. This is a great way to store children's shoes as you pass them down from one kid to the next, or to use for off-season storage.
Go forth and
I hope you found this storage solution helpful and easy to do. To find more easy storage solutions please check out my website http://www.heartworkorg.com. Daily projects in January on Facebook or join our rockin' Clutter-Free group for even more organizing inspiration.
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  • Jen16837508
    on Oct 2, 2017

    Any suggestions on how to organize boots i cut pool noodles and use them to keep the legs standing i have alot of boots and im running out of storage space in the closet and under the bed! Any ideas or suggestions
    • Ann
      on Nov 7, 2018

      I put my tall boots in a tall wicker Hamper with a Lid that you can find at TJMaxx etc. i keep us the hamper out in a bedroom corner next to a chest as it is decorative.

      To prepare the tall boot leg boot section to stand up and be sturdy, I get clean, sturdy cardboard boxes with at least a 15” solid side which i cut into a shape representing my Leg (not foot) in the boot and then slide in so it holds the boot leg up and sturdy.

      Actually, I Traced the Form Insert from a pair of tall boots I bought but decided to return after a found a better selsction/price.

  • Debbie Faddis
    on Feb 23, 2019

    Where do you get the tote and the boxes? debbiefad@yahoo.com

    • Valerie
      on Apr 3, 2019

      The totes look like 31 gifts. Google one close to your home.

  • Cheri
    on Apr 14, 2019

    my daughter has about a hundred pair of shoes but I would hate to put them into a tote. I was thinking about using crates for the one's she wears less often and the board with knobs for the one's she wears all the time. any suggestions or comments on this idea?


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  • Starprince
    on Nov 7, 2018

    I dislike being a stinker but that is taking a perfectly good tote out of commission permantly. I can see myself emptying all the shoes back out because I need it for something. You did give me an idea, every now and then you still see milk crates outside, I am guessing those can be used:)

  • Mary Stillahn
    on Mar 2, 2019

    Storage idea is fine, altho I just bought inexpensive clothe & plastic totes specifically for shoes on QVC or HSN when I saw some on TV one day (you could go online & search for shoes storage ideas). My concern is that you say something about handing shoes down to other kids?...DO NOT re-use (hand down?) shoes unless they have only been worn once for a very short time so that the shape isn’t permanently molded to the initial wearer’s foot! Feet are as unique as our eyes for eyeglass prescriptions & you can damage your feet (or your kid’s) by wearing other people’s shoes. Just sayin’ 🙃

    • Bonnie
      on Mar 25, 2019

      I agree with Mary, NEVER PASS DOWN SHOES...

      It's bad for your feet and could cause problems later in life. I had 3/kids and

      never shared their shoes !!!


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