DIY Fabric Covered Table Shelf #DeClutter

Ever feel like all of your surfaces are beginning to look alike?
There's so much of the same that it's all beginning to run together?
I know exactly how you feel...because I was feeling it, too.
In this bathroom vanity area redo, the creamy white was so fresh and clean...and needed something. Something organic. Something with texture. Something that was not painted....and not shiny.
AND, this "something" also needed to lift the "stuff" off of the vanity and place it up into the unused vertical space. But, because of the wall and the internal wires, attaching a shelf directly to the wall just wasn't an option.
But what was an option ...I finally decided.....was a burlap table shelf.
Simply start with a shelf. You can buy it or build it... It just needs to be made to the length, depth, and height of your space. Hopefully, there's one around the house that you can repurpose.
Then use white school glue mixed with water (50/50) to attach....wallpaper style....a fabric to the shelf. I started on the top and had the seams meet in the middle underneath. More photos and details that explain how the seams are hidden are on the blog. Believe me, it's really super easy to assemble. The time element is mainly associated with the time it takes the glue to dry.
Then, when it's all completed, the towels have their own little spot and the vanity accessories can be arranged on the upper shelf. For this small space, it was exactly what was needed to organize and declutter the vanity. And, by using the burlap, the color and texture added a nice spa-like flavor to the starkness of the blue and white.
And, there's more good news. This idea can be used anywhere in the house...and the shelf can be covered with just about any type of fabric. For more details about using a table shelf to help contol clutter by using a vertical space, please visit The Chelsea Project Blog at the URL below....
Thanks so much.
It's always a pleasure to have you visit.

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