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Faux-Silver Embossed Eggs

A couple of days ago I shared my Dollar Store Cloche (you can find it here:
Today I am showing you my simple faux-silver embossed eggs!
faux silver embossed eggs, crafts, how to
I had seen some done with hot glue, but honestly- hot glue and I have had some serious run-ins and I decided I needed to find another way!
After some digging around and thinking, I decided to use some thin rope I had. It was flexible to make design with and I could use good old Elmer's to glue it!
I had short pieces of 2 different thicknesses and decided to use both to see if it made much of a difference. I used paper mache eggs because that is what I had on hand, but I think you could use plastic ones too.
faux silver embossed eggs, crafts, how to
1) Dip your string/rope into the white glue and using your index finger and thumb, run the rope through your fingers to get off the excess glue.
2) Lay rope in the design of your choice. This is where I am the least creative! I need a pattern to follow or something. One of my eggs just looks like a long snake has crawled over it. Oh well!
3) Unload the dishwasher, fold a load of clothes and clean the bathroom sink. By then the glue should be dry.
4) Spray paint your eggs black. I first tried to brush on acrylic paint. That was an epic fail. Don't do that. The paint moistened the rope, which loosened the glue, which messed up my already questionable design. It also didn't cover very well- it did give a neat crackled effect, but these aren't called "Neat Crackled Effect Eggs", now are they?!
faux silver embossed eggs, crafts, how to
5) Place a dot- that's all it takes at a time- of the Rub' N Buff on the Q-tip and rub it on the rope design and in the spaces between the rope. Don't get all exact with this. You want the black to show through some.
faux silver embossed eggs, crafts, how to
That's it! isn't that simple?!
Check out my blog for my details and to see what else we are doing at the lake!
faux silver embossed eggs, crafts, how to

Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!


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  • Monica
    on Mar 6, 2015

    Really cute! congratulations and thanks for sharing your idea

  • Pg
    on Aug 26, 2015

    FYI, Caroline and those who need a place to do it, use a cardboard box. Tape the flaps to stand up. Spray paint small items while holding them in the box. Also, use the box as a place to spray adhesive on things, by turning the box sideways and using it like a little spray booth. Both work great for me. Any paint on your hands can be easily removed with paint thinner, or turpentine, if not just soap and water.

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