Old Pant Hanger Hack!!

Declutter, organize, and easy to use! Bet you wish you had known this sooner!!
Got an old pant hanger that you were going to throw out?
Wait till you see this awesome hack!
Unclutter your jewlery box and make room for the "good jewlery!!"
Open the hangers....
Add your costume jewlery to each level of the pant hanger! Rings at the top with smaller more delicate costume jewlery, then bangles in the middle, and at the very bottom your big hinged bracelets, watches etc!!
The rubber coating on the hangers helps when removing the jewlery so you only take off what you need! Plus when you take them off your wrist it's instantly put away!!
Now your jewelry box can hold the precious and more valuable jewlery!
Decluttered, organized, easy to find and easy to put away!

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5 questions
  • Terry Witzleb Hont
    Terry Witzleb Hont
    on Jan 31, 2016

    do you have to take them all off if you want the first one you put on?

    • Donna Conrad
      Donna Conrad
      on Jan 31, 2016

      I used this very same hanger of my son's to use for my costume jewelry, and inasmuch as I don't wear many bangles, I do have many necklaces...to answer; no. They just slip over each other. The bangles might be difficult, but necklaces aren't.

    • The Mrs.
      The Mrs.
      on Feb 24, 2016

      Thank you Donna for responding! And you are 100% correct! !

    • Jill Alexander Carlberg
      Jill Alexander Carlberg
      on Jun 21, 2016

      I have necklaces on pegs and I find it difficult to slip them over each other?! They always get tangled!!!

    • Karen Williams
      Karen Williams
      on Jul 25, 2016

      I also use these type hangers to store table linens instead of putting them in drawers or closet shelf.

    • Betty
      on Oct 13, 2016

      Can u buy these hangers

    • Karen Williams
      Karen Williams
      on Oct 14, 2016

      They should be generally available at most big box (Walmart, etc) & discount stores, like Ross, Marshalls, Big Lots. You can also try www.organize.com.

    • Lillian Tremblay
      Lillian Tremblay
      on Oct 26, 2016

      I have one that is filled with washi tape and one with ribbon...just roll out carefully!!!

    • Sandra Allen
      Sandra Allen
      on Nov 6, 2016

      To de tangle your necklaces, loop them onto themselves so each one is "hang alone" so to speak. Like this.

    • Cathy Robinson
      Cathy Robinson
      on Nov 20, 2016

      Cut a straw in half and thread the chain of a necklace through it then close the clasp. No more tangled necklaces for me.

    • Robin Cockerham
      Robin Cockerham
      on Nov 26, 2016

      I did a similar idea, and I used small 'S' hooks to hang on each rung, then hung 2-4 bracelets, necklaces, ankle bracelets, even wire earrings on each hook. Made it a lot easier to get the ones I wanted to wear.

    • Ren21450645
      on May 5, 2017

      Velvet pant hangers can be bought at dollar stores.
      use a large safety pin through each necklace and pin on hanger. Just undo each pin with the necklace you want. No fuss, no tangles, etc.
    • Minu Akshaya
      Minu Akshaya
      on May 18, 2017

      Wow you are all very creative😍👍👏
  • Jan butts
    Jan butts
    on Oct 15, 2016

    Where can put earrings? Love this idea

    • The Mrs.
      The Mrs.
      on Oct 18, 2016

      Thanks!! As for earrings, I'll work on that one!!

    • Gina
      on Oct 24, 2016

      I used a cookie rack from dollar store to hang my daughter's earrings. Just stuck 2 push pins on the wall and hung the rack on it. You could also hang it on picture frame hangers. For the screw on type of earrings, I store them in a pill organiser

    • Jan butts
      Jan butts
      on Nov 13, 2016

      Sounds good I want to be able to see them don't want closet hangers

    • JoAnn Reed Branthoover
      JoAnn Reed Branthoover
      on Nov 13, 2016

      Ice cube tray.

    • Cindy Holden
      Cindy Holden
      on Nov 13, 2016

      Mini muffin tin

    • Cindy Holden
      Cindy Holden
      on Nov 13, 2016

      Empty pill bottles

    • Lorna Innes
      Lorna Innes
      on Nov 24, 2016

      What about a piece of screen wrapped around a section of the pants hanger.

    • Zona Koopman
      Zona Koopman
      on Nov 27, 2016

      I bought a couple of plastic sectioned boxes in the bead area of the craft section of Walmart and now have sorted my earrings by color and they are a cinch to find and store.

    • Victoria Maldonado
      Victoria Maldonado
      on Dec 14, 2016

      I made a mini frame stapled a piece of window screen to back added a string to back.It will hold posts and hook earrings

    • Fran Eriksen
      Fran Eriksen
      on Dec 28, 2016

      Tried screen and it was not friendly. So, I found a large picture frame, mine is long and narrow, covered it with 14 county aida cloth (craft item) and my earrings fish hooks get poked thru the holes and stay in place. Don't put the backs on. keep them in a pretty little dish right beside the frame if you can. I put my loaded frame on a shelf and try to keep them by color, (lots of luck on that)

    • Fran Eriksen
      Fran Eriksen
      on Dec 28, 2016

      Forgot to add I staped by fabric to the back of the frame.

    • Nicole Casteel
      Nicole Casteel
      on Dec 28, 2016

      I use a burlap covered bulletin board. You can also cover the backing of a picture frame with fabric and cover the fabric with lace then hang. The holes in the lace are perfect for holding earrings.

    • Debbie Marron
      Debbie Marron
      on Apr 18, 2017

      Have also used plastic divided boxes from fishing dept. for earrings.
    • Debbie Germano
      Debbie Germano
      on May 18, 2017

      I have my earrings in an egg carton in my bathroom drawer.
    • Flo21382678
      on May 28, 2017

      I use an embroidered hoop for you earrings, works great!
  • Diane
    on Jan 18, 2017

    where to buy paint hangers

    • Shawna Bailey
      Shawna Bailey
      on Jan 19, 2017

      I got some just like that and bed, bath and beyond

    • Duffy V
      Duffy V
      on Jan 21, 2017


    • Dlelsnerhr
      on Feb 3, 2017

      They are pant not paint - you can buy them wherever you buy clothing hangers.

    • Sweetie
      on Mar 25, 2017

      I bought at Walmart, great price, but never used it, so now l will use . Great idea! Thanks for sharing.

    • Cheryl
      on May 5, 2017

      Pant Hangers from the dollar store
    • Debbie Germano
      Debbie Germano
      on May 18, 2017

      I'm sure they know they are not "paint" hangers, but pant hangers.
      Sometimes when reading Q/A's we need to overlook "Auto-Correct".

    • Charlotte
      on Jul 14, 2017

      I love this idea with repurposing this type of pant hanger, but would love more ideas (appreciat the one involving the dowel) about how to create a storage area for bracelets where you DON't Have to take everything off to get to the one you want!! Anyone ever seen any ideas for something like that??
    • Bbunny42
      on Aug 28, 2017

      You could use shower curtain rings to hang the bracelets.
    • Cathy
      on Aug 19, 2018


    • Brigitte
      on Oct 8, 2018

      I got mine at Dollar General. I used to use them for washi tape.

    • The Mrs.
      The Mrs.
      on Jun 24, 2019

      I got mine at a second hand store!

  • Teresa S
    Teresa S
    on May 18, 2017

    Love this idea need. Where can I buy one?

  • Raymond Gray
    Raymond Gray
    on May 19, 2017

    On the second tier do you have to take all those bracelets off to get to that one on the left?
    • Suz22444502
      on May 20, 2017

      You asked my question. Hope we get an answer soon as this really looks like a great idea!
    • Tallahassee Girl
      Tallahassee Girl
      on Jun 12, 2017

      To get to the bracelet you are referring to, simply remove the ones necessary to get to it, then take off the one you need and replace the others. Nothing is without effort. I think it's a lovely idea.
    • Jeanette Lenox
      Jeanette Lenox
      on Jun 29, 2017

    • Phyllis
      on Jul 1, 2017

      Yes you do, from the looks of this design.
    • Andrea Susan Meyers White
      Andrea Susan Meyers White
      on Jul 1, 2017

      Even when you buy the jewelry holders at the store, you have to take the bracelets off to get to one in the middle
    • A**27108234
      on Jul 3, 2017

      From left to right, go large to small so you don't have to remove so many items to get the larger one off.
    • Tij27248461
      on Jul 6, 2017

      Attach by string a wooden small diameter dowel to very top or bottom unopening side. Then when you want something way over, simply thread wooden dowel threw the others in front of one you want sliding them all off at once. Get what you need. Then align wooden dowel back up and slide stuff back on. Dowel would have to have large enough diameter to get a string threaded through so it can just hand right there, easy access.
    • Heather Greene
      Heather Greene
      on Jul 21, 2017

      The easiest way to literally half the effort would be to obtain the original pant hanger, cut the left side of the rods off and replace the fixing of it with the same type deal that is already done on the right side (mirror image/mimicking). This way, you can simply remove the entire bar from the fixture and get to the piece you are looking for from either side. Pieces less used or with an opening/clasp should be placed towards the middle for faverites conveinience!
    • Nancy Reeves
      Nancy Reeves
      on Jul 23, 2017

      Easy solution: put each piece on the hanger with a large paper clip; then just slip the clip off for the piece you want to wear...easy peasey!!
    • Cindy Muela
      Cindy Muela
      on Jul 25, 2017

      I have a paper towel holder , I put my bracelets on the long pole and the little pole I put my rings. Of course it's just for my cheep jewelry. But it looks nice.
    • Jodi Jeff Tryon
      Jodi Jeff Tryon
      on Aug 7, 2017

      Place the bracelets that "open" on the left side. They could be removed without moving the hanger bar. Just unclasp bracelet.
    • Sue Sanders
      Sue Sanders
      on Aug 7, 2017

      I think Nancy Reeves is the winner on idea to remove bracelets. Even a bread twist tie would work for the ones that dont have clasps.
    • Sue Sanders
      Sue Sanders
      on Aug 7, 2017

      Also liked the idea to put largest bracelets on left and graduate down in size to the open end to allow you to slip the larger bracelet over the smaller ones without taking bracelets off to get to the one you want.
    • Kma25930661
      on Aug 8, 2017

      Nancy Reeves has the best idea. It would be much faster to lift up on one paperclip than to worry with sliding various sizes over others.
    • Harriett Johnson
      Harriett Johnson
      on Aug 12, 2017

      I agree, Nancy has the best idea.

    • SWE21521029
      on Aug 13, 2017

      So far Nancy has it hands down!!
    • Barbara R
      Barbara R
      on Oct 8, 2017

      Sorry, but paper clips would make each bracelet hang too far down and hang into the next bar. Not a good solution at all. The ONLY solution here would be to find another holder or just hang the ones here that you never wear :)
    • Wan30102859
      on Nov 5, 2017

      Have a similar rod handy and put it through the bracelets you don’t want and lift those off. Then grab the one you want and slide the others back on.
    • Marneta L Gabriel
      Marneta L Gabriel
      on Jan 23, 2018

      I used wood & stuff from my shed:

      Sides: 2pcs. - Height depends on # bar holes you want(within reason). I used 18in. height x .5in. thick and 14"wide.

      Bars: Use 2, 3-4 even 5. Dowels/tree branches/old shower rods. Whatever floats your boat. Cut bars an extra 4/6in longer than required(they'll be your handles to slide your jewelry on/off your bars)

      Drill & match 2 side pieces of wood to the # number of bars you want.

      Back boards/wall attachment: Number of backboards used to ensure your rack's durability depends on number & length of the bars you choose. Trust your carpenter intuition, failing that.............. I used 4 backboards and attached each one with 2 nails on each side.

      Attach it to the wall/backboard with screws or nails. Make sure you find your studs.

      I used the appx. measurements above.

      To allow bars to slide easier: Drill the holes (SLIGHTLY) larger than the circumference of the bars. I also rubbed olive oil on my wood branches(birch.) Slidin' like a bobsled! Any oil will probably work.

      I don't have photos, not unpacked yet...purchased my retirement cottage! WHO HOOOO ......................

    • Monique
      on Sep 7, 2018

      Of course you do....duh!!!

    • Ruby D Harrel
      Ruby D Harrel
      on Nov 2, 2019

      I would say yes

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  • Sugarfoot
    on Nov 2, 2019

    I put my spool ribbon on pants hangers.

    ROYGBIV of course

  • Mary McDonald
    Mary McDonald
    on Sep 23, 2020

    My husband never did use the pants hanger I got for hi

    m so I took it and now I store all my legs on it. It’s nice because you can put several on one rod. I do love me leggins’!

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