the best inexpensive and non toxic diy deck cleaner

The Best Inexpensive and Non-Toxic DIY Deck Cleaner

It’s the beginning of summer…time to start inviting some friends over to hang out on the deck! The only problem? The deck is covered in dirt and algae.

6 things you didn t know you could clean with dish soap

6 Things You Didn't Know You Could Clean With Dish Soap

Everyone has a bottle of blue dawn in their kitchen cabinet. Here's 6 things you can clean with it you may not have thought of!

gazebo makeover, cleaning tips, container gardening, crafts, how to, outdoor living

Gazebo Makeover

Here’s how we gave our gazebo a makeover for under $700!

clean a stone patio naturally

Clean a Stone Patio Naturally!

It's been a long summer and if you have an outdoor patio made of stone, you know it had a lot of foot traffic. So, how do you give it that deep, down clean in a natural way? All it takes is a few on-hand ingredients and some elbow grease.

downy dryer sheets uses tips, cleaning tips

12 Creative Ways to Use Your Downy Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are like the Justin Timberlake of the laundry room. They’ve got talent to spare.
Downy dryer sheets cost about $3 for a pack of 100 and do a lot more than keep your towel’s soft. They can de-stink anything, remove static from screens and even scare bees away. Basically, they’re awesome.
Get your Downy dryer sheets out of the laundry room, and try these 12 tricks:

outdoor furniture cleaning tips, cleaning tips, outdoor furniture

How To Clean Outdoor Furniture

I was going NUTS! For the past 2 years I have been trying to get rid of these white oxidized "stains" that made these chairs look old & weathered.

pressure washing basics like sweeping but with hi pressure water, cleaning tips, curb appeal, home maintenance repairs, a sturdy but inexpensive pressure washer will do

Pressure Washing Basics :: Like Sweeping but With Hi-Pressure Water

Pressure washer (kinda like painting) is something everyone seems to think they can do ... without training and/or practice. *Be warned*: Never start the spray of a power washer pointed directly at the surface you intend to clean. What I mean is … start the spray, only then fade into the surface you are power washing. You do this, especially on painted surfaces, as to avoid accidentally removing large hunks of material. ... it is really a little bit like, well, sweeping, just with hi-powered, pressurized water. Following a few basic steps you can get the most out of every cleaning. To read more (and to get a good look at my thigh tan, ha!) below .... Enjoy! ~jb

diy tip top gutter cleaning 101, cleaning tips, roofing, Don t forget about Half Round Strainers

DIY Tip -Top Gutter Cleaning 101

If you’re new to house keeping or home ownership, I bet last thing in your mind is cleaning your gutters. Or maybe you never thought keeping 'em clean was such a big deal — Right?
Well, here’s why you should you care: the last thing you want is a clogged gutter! Overtime they may lead to big problems.
Cleaning gutters is a lot easier than you may think, and with a little prevention, totally pain free. Read on to learn how we keep ours tip top!

don t throw out your solar lights just yet , cleaning tips, home maintenance repairs

Don't Throw Out Your Solar Lights Just Yet.

I thought my solar light batteries needed replaced until I saw the battery compartments were corroded. So I took to the internet and found 2 options, white vinegar or baking soda and water mixture, neither worked. Then I remembered the old remedy I had used to remove tarnish from brass, ketchup. I didn't want to throw them away because they were still in great shape and I didn't want to have to buy more, so what did I have to lose but a little ketchup.

homemade gutter cleaner, curb appeal, home maintenance repairs, My homemade gutter cleaner is a 1x2x10 piece of lumber with a V type end and a cross brace

Homemade Gutter Cleaner

We have a big beautiful Silver Maple tree in our front yard which every homeowner knows means lovely shade and gutter blockage. Naturally, the seasonal loss of leaves results in many dropping or blowing into the gutter. If not attended to regularly, gutter blockage can cause a plethora of pricy problems for any homeowner! For example, rotting of the wood fascia around your home, termites attracted by the wet wood, leaky roof and ruined landscaping to name a few! The sloping nature of our lot creates several issues when it comes to gutter maintenance. We decided to make a gutter cleaner that would not break the bank, but eliminate having to haul out a ladder every time we needed to clean them, especially when the block happened while it was raining. During leaf fall, we screw a 3" hole saw cutter onto the end of the drop-down end to allow a better grab of more matter.

how to restore a weathered back deck to like new condition

How to Restore a Weathered Back Deck to LIKE NEW Condition!

Our back deck had seen better days. The boards were so weathered and cracked that the kids could not walk around barefoot without getting splinters. There was mold and mildew growing all over it and it was in dire need of a good facelift.

fences cleaning tips bleach spraying home, cleaning tips, fences, home maintenance repairs, Here s the proof

The Dirty Truth

The cottage came with a vinyl picket fence that stretched across the back yard. It's a nice fence, but it was incredibly dirty! As you can see, it was covered in mold, mildew, and a few lichen. Initially, I had no idea how to clean it and I certainly didn't cherish the thought of scrubbing every square inch of a fence that stretched about 60 feet.

how to clean vinyl siding

How to Clean Vinyl Siding

You know that one project that you just keep putting off for one reason or another? Well, that project for us was cleaning the vinyl siding at Steph's house. It's been so long since it had been cleaned that it was looking like some kind of science experiment! Two sides of her house stay fairly shaded creating (unfortunately) perfect conditions for the formation of algae, mold and mildew growth! Cleaning this green mess was going to take a little muscle!

how to clean a deck, cleaning tips, decks, outdoor living, This is after we had finish the entire process of cleaning and staining the deck

How To Clean A Deck

Our deck hadn't been cleaned in MANY years and needed some desperate attention. After researching inexpensive ways to clean a deck, we got busy and with some elbow grease, got it cleaned in no time. We found our most inexpenisive yet effective way to clean was using a mixture of two parts water to one part bleach and a heavy bristle brush for scrubbing.

remove rust stains, cleaning tips

Remove Rust Stains

If iron gets wet, the combination of water, iron and oxygen reacts to create rust. Remove rust from your iron furniture and garden tools before it starts to corrode to protect your iron and keep it looking great. You will also delay a costly furniture replacement by removing rust stains as soon as you notice them.

pond skimmer installation, decks, ponds water features

Pond Skimmer Installation

Check out Brian & Ryan on their most recent pond build showing how to install the new 2016 Aquascape Pond Skimmer. Stay tuned for video and pictures of their latest creation! Skimmers are designed to eliminate water quality problems an reduce maintenance by removing debris before it sinks to the bottom of the pond, allowing a pond to be installed anywhere, even beneath trees. Because the skimmer removes debris before it gets to the pump, it acts as a pre-filter reducing pump maintenance, and makes accessing the pump quick and easy! Aquascape’s family of field-proven, time-tested Skimmer Filters are the #1 selling skimmers in the water garden market. No gizmos or gadgets designed by engineers behind a desk, but rather, functional, easy-to-install-and-maintain filters designed by actual pond builders. They include patented features that make installation a snap with components designed to make maintenance effortless.

the easy way to clean your grill before grilling season

The Easy Way To Clean Your Grill Before Grilling Season

I have to be totally transparent and tell you that our BBQ grill has not been cleaned in a long time. A loooooong time! To be totally honest, I can’t remember the last time Matt cleaned it?? Don’t judge us – I am just keeping it real.We like to use our grill all year long. We have it on the deck right outside our back porch door so we don’t have to go far to use it when the weather isn’t the best. Since we use it all the time, it was getting pretty disgusting! DISGUSTING!Hide your eyes and skip this before photo.

clean green mold off vinyl siding with out a pressure washer, Side by side

Clean Green Mold Off Vinyl Siding With Out a Pressure Washer!

I am a new home owner, and while looking for our home (we live very close to the water) I promised myself I'd never let the green algea, mold stuff grow on my home. Fast forward a year and a half, we now have the stuff growing on the house, hubby was ready to go spend money on a high tech pressure washer, but in my opinion its not logical so close to Christmas. So today I set out to scrub it away (there's not a whole lot of it, so I might not recommend if you have a large house) Gallon bucket1/4th cup borax 1/4th cup dish soap1/4th cup bleachHot waterOld towel

a key part of the outdoorsman s arsenal, outdoor living

A Key Part of the Outdoorsman’s Arsenal

Summer is almost approaching, and you’re ready to hit the trails and do some serious camping. You’ve got your mosquito spray, your sleeping bag and your best backpack, but you might be bringing some unwelcome guests along on your trip: algae, mold and mildew. If your gear suffers from these ugly, smelly menaces, don’t spend a fortune to replace it–let Wet & Forget clean your gear for you and save your money for fishing lures and ingredients for s’mores!

your ideal brick cleaner, cleaning tips, concrete masonry

Your Ideal Brick Cleaner

Brick is a gorgeous, long-lasting material that adds value to your home. Whether your home itself is built of brick, or you have a brickwork patio, walkway or retaining wall, bricks can’t be beat for their beauty and durability. But if your brickwork is covered in moss, lichen, algae, mold or mildew, it’s not so beautiful anymore. And the problem isn’t only cosmetic: some growths can actually scar your bricks. While cleaning methods like bleach or a pressure washer are harsh and don’t last as long, Wet & Forget Outdoor‘s gentle action will free your bricks of ugly growths and keep them clean for a year or more in most cases. Read on to learn about taking good care of your brickwork with Wet & Forget!

refinishing a wood deck

Refinishing a Wood Deck

Our deck was built long before we moved into this house. It was a well-made deck, and it adds a lot to our backyard, both in square footage and in design. All decks require some maintenance, though, and ours was badly in need of some repair. (This post shows the beginning of our deck restoration project. Read Reclaiming an Old Wood Deck if you'd like to see that whole thing.)

a summer to do list for home improvements, cleaning tips, how to, organizing

A Summer To-Do List for Home Improvements

Everyone has heard of spring-cleaning, but what about summer-cleaning? Or at least a summer to-do-list? It’s never too late to clean, organize, and replace things in your household that didn’t receive attention over the cold, rainy months. Here is a great starter list for things that need to get done this summer!
Clean Out the Garage

rescued bbq refurbish

Rescued BBQ Refurbish

I found this sad old BBQ at the side of the road waiting for inorganic collection, so I knocked on the door and asked if I could have it, They said it didn't work and I was welcome to it.They even helped me load it in the back of the car.I figured if it was totally knackered at least it would yield a few spares

10 fall garden clean up tips, flowers, gardening, lawn care

10 Fall Garden Clean-up Tips

This year’s gardening season may be in the books, but here are 10 Fall Garden Tips you should do before winter arrives. Your lawn, garden and flower beds all need a good clean-up so they can be put to bed for the winter.

heavy duty pond clean out, cleaning tips, outdoors cleaning, ponds water features

Heavy Duty Pond Clean-out

Check out this awesome video of a Heavy duty pond clean-out in progress at Loxley’s One of our finest water features, the sheer volume of water coming down this 30’+ stream will put you in awe! The water feature at Loxley’s boast’s a massive pond with 6,000 plus gallons with large cascading waterfalls, mature aquatic plants and tons of large beautiful Koi. If you’re ever in the area Feel free to grab a quick bite or a cool beverage while you sit and enjoy this masterpiece!The pond has plenty of fish and plant life and blends in perfectly with the natural theme of the restaurant itself. If you’re hungry, go in and grab a bite to eat and don’t forget to check out the stream that runs right through the bar upstairs which was also installed by pontz.