diy tip top gutter cleaning 101, cleaning tips, roofing, Don t forget about Half Round Strainers

DIY Tip -Top Gutter Cleaning 101

If you’re new to house keeping or home ownership, I bet last thing in your mind is cleaning your...

6 things you didn t know you could clean with dish soap

6 Things You Didn't Know You Could Clean With Dish Soap

Everyone has a bottle of blue dawn in their kitchen cabinet. Here's 6 things you can clean with it...

homemade gutter cleaner, curb appeal, home maintenance repairs, My homemade gutter cleaner is a 1x2x10 piece of lumber with a V type end and a cross brace

Homemade Gutter Cleaner

We have a big beautiful Silver Maple tree in our front yard which every homeowner knows means lovely...

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Don't Throw Out Your Solar Lights Just Yet.

I thought my solar light batteries needed replaced until I saw the battery compartments were...

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The Dirty Truth

The cottage came with a vinyl picket fence that stretched across the back yard. It's a nice fence,...

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How to Clean Vinyl Siding

You know that one project that you just keep putting off for one reason or another? Well, that...

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The Best Inexpensive and Non-Toxic DIY Deck Cleaner

It’s the beginning of summer…time to start inviting some friends over to hang out on the deck! The...

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12 Creative Ways to Use Your Downy Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are like the Justin Timberlake of the laundry room. They’ve got talent to spare.

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How To Clean Outdoor Furniture

I was going NUTS! For the past 2 years I have been trying to get rid of these white oxidized...

clean a stone patio naturally

Clean a Stone Patio Naturally!

It's been a long summer and if you have an outdoor patio made of stone, you know it had a lot of...

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How to Restore a Weathered Back Deck to LIKE NEW Condition!

Our back deck had seen better days. The boards were so weathered and cracked that the kids could not...

how to clean a deck, cleaning tips, decks, outdoor living, This is after we had finish the entire process of cleaning and staining the deck

How To Clean A Deck

Our deck hadn't been cleaned in MANY years and needed some desperate attention. After researching...

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Gazebo Makeover

Here’s how we gave our gazebo a makeover for under $700!

pressure washing basics like sweeping but with hi pressure water, cleaning tips, curb appeal, home maintenance repairs, a sturdy but inexpensive pressure washer will do

Pressure Washing Basics :: Like Sweeping but With Hi-Pressure Water

Pressure washer (kinda like painting) is something everyone seems to think they can do ... without...