fixing a prior remodel

We first need to fix all of the thing the prior contractor had done. The shower had standing water and mold in it under the seat. the over sized step was to big for the room and not needed. The goal was to change the direction of the tile to lengthen the room, get rid of the step, round the tub front to add the appearance that the room is larger then it really is. And fix the shower, clean up the standing water, added Niches and create a better flow of water around the drain. The best part is we were able to get two small granite with a unique flow to it and use them for the vanity's. The few things to changes to the layout certainly gave us the room we were looking for and adding a warm tone on the walls and new lighting all came to together for a really nice bathroom.
This shower clearly show's how not to re do your shower. The seat 24" in height and 12" in depth was not trimmed properly and the grout cracked. The best part was the gap in the lower left side of the seat that can never be cleaned
Once the old tile was removed we found standing water under the seat and a nice mold mess. This was truly a mess. Omg this was a mess.
This is one side of the vanities and the other side is the same. big square tub.
This was the best part the Handyman really suggested to put this step in, the room was only 36" wide and the step was just about 12" so you needed to turn sideways to go around. window replacement not provided by our company
This is the after pictures,
rounded fron
this is the after of the first picture
The corrected shower.
The corrected shower
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