Bejeweled Bathroom Mirror

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I have had a hideous bathroom mirror for almost 4 years - it just had a plain wood frame. I had never even thought of DIYing it, until I saw this post on Hometalk and decided to give it a go!

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After seeing Roma Loma's project, I just searched for all those items on Amazon, and found the following:

1 mirror with plain wooden frame

Silver spray paint

Sticky Glue


I ended up buying everything on Amazon, except the gems, because a friend ended up giving me some for free!

Above, is my 'before' photo

Step 1: Covered the mirror with paper, so that the spray paint wouldn't get the mirror dirty.

Step 2: Went outside to spray paint! DH won't let me spray paint in the house anymore :(

Here's the mirror when it was all painted.

Step 3: Lay out your gems.

Step 4: Get gluing! I layed down a little bit of glue at a time, and shmeared it so the whole frame was covered. I did a few inches at a time. Glue, shmear, place gems, repeat!

Roma Loma used a popsicle stick to shmear the glue, but I used a straw!

Finished product!

Close up!

Here it is hung up in my bathroom! So excited to brush my teeth in front of this :)

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  • Yofrendonna Yofrendonna on Aug 31, 2017
    what is DH? Also what is the wire at top of mirror for?

  • Irene Irene on Sep 05, 2017
    Love what you did. I don't have a frame on my mirror which is 24"x24". Do you think this can be done on the mirror itself....say about 2+ inches wide?

  • Irene Irene on Sep 05, 2017
    I don't have a frame on my 24"x24" mirror which is glued to the wall. Do you think I could do the same directly on the mirror itself...about 2+ inches wide all around like a faux frame?

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