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You guessed it - it's all about getting the most master bathroom storage at Hello I Live Here today. As most of you know, we have started to spruce up our master bathroom. Last week on my face book page, we discussed paint colors. Thank you all for your input, we went with the Valspar color, Shaken Not Stirred for the walls, and the vanity color will be unveiled next post :-) They are both beautiful and give our master bath that spa like feel we were looking for.
Before we painted the walls, we added some new master bathroom storage. This storage was placed in between the wall studs and we love the outcome so much we thought we would share that piece with you today. Keep in mind that we have not picked the hardware for the outside yet as we want everything to match when we are complete.
We all know it's a big deal anytime you can discover master bathroom storage or any type of storage. This project took us a weekend to complete, moderate in skill level and cost us less than $100. I am sure we could have done it cheaper, but I am fussy about using Select Pine Wood from Home Depot when I do a build. I love the straightness of the wood and the way it sands.
Using the plan from The Family Handyman, we got started following each step.
1. First, we went to our bathroom wall and determined the space we would use. We then cut a small whole into the dry wall and inserted a mirror to make sure we had no plumbing or electrical behind the wall (after all a small whole to patch is way better than a whole wall)
2. When we knew all was clear we determined the size we wanted our storage and cut out the drywall. The hole for our master bathroom storage shelf spanned a stud, so that was also removed.
Master bathroom Storage -Wall before and after hole cut
3. We went to the garage and got started by building two simple box cabinets. To ensure a consistent gap between the two storage cabinets, we added a spacer. We then joined them together with a 1x3 center trim and attached a 1/4" Purebond cabinet back. This gave us the double-sided storage cabinet we desired.
Master bathroom Storage - Case and Backing
4. We used or Kreg PH jig to join the storage cabinets, our craftsman saw for cutting the plywood, and our Ryobi nail gun for attaching the cabinet back. We also used Gorilla Glue for extra hold power.
Master bathroom Storage - tools we used
5. After building the frame we wanted, we took the frame into the bathroom space and dry fitted into the cut out. (This way we knew if we were square on for our cuts or if we needed to enlarge the hole.)
Master bathroom Storage -Dry Fit in the wall
6. Once we were confident the master bathroom storage cabinets fit the wall hole, we filled the Kreg holes using wood filler (which I make myself). The next step was to cut and add the shelves. For our needs we decided to add fixed bathroom shelves vs movable shelves. We also wanted to assure the shelves were aligned to each other.
Master bathroom Storage -Shelving
7. Next, we moved onto our master bathroom storage door frames. This was a little tricky since we have not built many door frames, but The Family Handyman did not let us down. We used a saw stop to cut door frame parts to a consistent size. We then used Kreg to join the door frames. Using scotch tape we attached dimes to each side and the top and bottoms of the storage case. This provided a perfect 1/8" per side gap we need around the door frames. Once we completed our door frames, we dry fit them to make sure they were perfect for our master bathroom storage.
Master bathroom Storage -Door frames
Master bathroom Storage -Door contruction
8. Moving on, we flipped the door frame over, filled the Kreg holes and routed a 1/4" trim the depth of our Plexiglas. This ensured the glass fit flush to the storage door frames. We then adhered rice paper, available from Home Depot, to keep the inside private. Finally we adhered the Plexiglas to master bathroom storage doors with clear caulking.
9. We primed and painted the entire master bathroom storage cabinets and doors with Valspar Bare Wood Primer.
10. Once the painting was complete we added the hinges as plans show, and hung our doors, inset the box and screwed the new master bathroom storage to our framed out studs in the master bath.
Master bathroom Storage -routed door frame and paint
We also did an extra step. We took the time to add some insulation behind the piece due to the shower from the other bathroom being on that wall. This just helps keep the noise at bay between the walls. And we are trying to decide if we should leave the inside white or do the back grey for contrast in the piece. (the small grey patch shown through the glass :-) Opinions on this would be nice!
Hello I Live Here - Master Bath Storage
Well, this was the first part of the Master bath re-do and this great master bathroom storage idea. For our other projects checkout the vanity upgrade, master bath tile and board and batten :-)
Share your master bathroom storage ideas below - we would love to hear them :-)
Happy Tuesday!
Linda C.
Finished Master Bathroom Storage
We started with a blank wall, cut a hole through the drywall, removed the stud and re-framed the top and bottom opening.
Joining the two cabinets and installing the cabinet back.
Installing the shelves
Dry fit the master bathroom storage cabinet.
Created the two doors and dry fit using dimes to ensure a uniform 1/8" gap.
Installed the doors and the hinges
Routed for the Plexiglas and painted the frame.
The tools we used to create the master bathroom storage cabinet.

Linda Crandall
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!

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  • Candice Gollam Candice Gollam on Nov 12, 2018

    How do you know if or where to cut in a wall so you do not hit anything electrical? My house is beautifully restored but over 100 years old. I would love to do this in our guest bathroom but I would be afraid not knowing if I would hit electric. Lol. Thanks if you can help me with this. Either way I love this!!!! Thank you for sharing 😁


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  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Dec 31, 2013
    Now this is just too clever! I need these all over my house! Love this!

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    • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Dec 31, 2013
      @Hello I Live Here Like I said, I need these all over my house. It seems every area has "stuff" that needs to be stored!

  • Susan Stodola Susan Stodola on Mar 20, 2014
    I have done this for years. My MIL always kept her broom in the living room coat closet. When I moved there I opened the wall in the hall next to the kitchen and had a frame and door built to match my kitchen cabinets. The broom, dust mop, dust pan and a shelf across the top hold dust/polishing products and a couple dust rags perfectly. A slightly deeper space behind the entryway door due to that being the wall the tub/shower is on in the bathroom on the other side is deep enough to put bins that hold mittens, hats, light bulbs, garbage bags, even enough space for bread pans and other small overflow items from the kitchen. We have to move the bins to access the turn off valves to the shower, but we didn't even know they were there until we opened up the wall. What good are turn off valves in a sealed space anyway?? haha The next set of studs over was 'regular' depth, and we use that space to hold cans of bug spray, WD40, lawnmower engine oil, , etc. It only holds cans one deep so everything is in site at a glance