Fixed up an Art Deco Vanity in Terrible Shape

Jennifer Lynn
by Jennifer Lynn
I wanted an Art Deco vanity for my bedroom but I couldn't find one in good shape under 300 dollars or already painted
I picked this up, in pretty rough shape, from a women for 60 bucks
On my way home I found this vanity stool sitting out for garbage at my neighbors house, I swept that right up!!!
I sanded most of the cheap veneer with a palm sander and filled in a ton of cracks, chips and holes with wood putty
The drawers were full of mildew so I scrubbed them with a magic eraser
The brass on the original hardware was dull and again, mildew. I used brasso and soaked them for about 10 minutes. Be careful with brasso, it's VERY potent on the eyes. I then scrubbed them with a bristle dish brush to get them sparkly clean!
I used an oops paint I found at the store a while back, I'm just obsessed with this color white!! It's a flat paint so being that this is a vanity I sprayed the piece with rustoleum clear satin coat to ward against damage.
Got the piece upstairs and screwed on the mirror.
I ordered a bunch of different orange and white fabric on eBay, stapled them inside the drawers and painted the entire inside and outside of the drawers, I have left insides of cabinets and drawers the original color in the past and personally I don't like it. I'm just lazy sometimes or don't have time!
I did the same thing with the garbaged vanity stool, painted the legs, cleaned and covered the seat with one of the fabrics from eBay and voila! A beautiful vanity for my bedroom. I truly love doing my hair and makeup at this vanity
Before and after
Before and after
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  • Chr64072007 Chr64072007 on May 09, 2022

    I apologize in advance for just needing help but I cant find the exact set of furniture my wife's grandmother gave this to her she would love to know about it not necessarily the money but that's a plus. Thank You Chris Griffin

    • Lori A. Reed Lori A. Reed on Mar 29, 2023

      It's called waterfall style. There is a full sized bed, dresser, highboy and nightstand that make a set. You should be able to Google "waterfall furniture."

  • Dub69245218 Dub69245218 on Aug 17, 2022

    You completely ruined 1920-s character of this beautiful art deco vanity..Great Gatsby is upset...