Upcycled Bathroom Vanity

In this project I upcycled an old credenza, a hand painted Mexican sink, and some tile into a bathroom vanity. This is part of a larger project, which was to redesign my existing bathroom. The bathroom prior to the renovation was carpeted, had white panel walls with gilt accents and fixtures, and a red velvet cornice with gold trim. I used the sink, which I already had, as the inspiration for the entire room. In order to spruce everything up without spending a fortune I went with a colonial Mexican look, which allowed me to keep the gilt fixtures and develop a bold, rich look. Let me know what you think!
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  • Rob Handel Rob Handel on Aug 15, 2013
    I didn't have a tile saw, so I was trying to use a Dremel, which was not working out. Good luck with your table, I recently scored a nice table for $20 at an auction and I'm going to tile the top of it like this.

    • Z Z on Aug 15, 2013
      @Glad to know that about the Dremel, because I thought about trying that. I hope you post photos of the table.

  • Rob Handel Rob Handel on Aug 15, 2013
    @ I definitely will! The Dremel worked really well with the subway tile on the side of the table but was horrible with the hexagonal tiles. If you're able to find a slightly softer tile you can cut it by scoring with the Dremel and then just snapping it.

    • Z Z on Aug 15, 2013
      Good to know @Rob. I know hubby has the tool for chipping of the edges too. He's done quite a bit of tile work on the floors of our home. Ceramic, marble, porcelain, granite around the fireplace.