Decor Tricks To Turn You Into A Morning Person

Only about 45% of people consider themselves “morning people,” according to a recent BrightNest survey. For the rest of us, rolling out of a warm bed into the frigid air before 10 AM is a punishment, not a pleasure. While we can’t magically switch your internal clock, we can make your mornings suck less.
Here are a few décor tricks that will make waking up a little bit less painful:
Ditch the Blinds

Blinds are great at keeping light out of your bedroom, which is exactly the opposite of what you need to wake up easily! This may be a little controversial, but we think you should ditch your blinds (or at least keep them open overnight). The sun that pours into your window every morning reminds your mind and body that it’s daytime and that you should be awake. Plus, it’s a great source of vitamin D which is a naturally source of energy.
Move Your Bed

Logic probably tells you to put your bed as far away from the bright light of a window as possible. Ignore logic, it’s lying to you. To wake up naturally, place your bed as close as possible to a big, blind-less window. That way, the sun will naturally wake you up in the morning and the buzz of your alarm will be less jarring.
Set Up a Reward Station

If you’re a night owl, getting your rump out of bed without hitting snooze is worth celebrating! Plan a “reward” that makes you happy, like an unread magazine by a comfy reading chair in the corner or a foot massage machine in your bedroom. If you get out of bed without snoozing, let yourself use the extra minutes to enjoy your reward. The idea is that you’ll look forward to jumping out of bed instead of dread dawn. Tip: Make sure your reward is something you’ll actually enjoy. It may sound great to set up a meditation station, but if meditation isn’t your thing, it won’t get you excited to wake up.
Steal Some Décor Tricks From a Spa

Just like the “reward” station, this is all about making waking up pleasurable. Set warm, fuzzy slippers by your bed, have a soft robe handy so your room isn’t so frigid and add an energizing scent to your room, like a citrus candle or diffuser. Small changes can go a long way to make mornings feel happier.
Move Your Alarm Clock

This trick is an oldie but goodie. If your alarm clock is right by your head, it’s way too tempting to hit snooze and stay in bed. We don’t think this is your fault; we blame the alarm clock. To make the physical act of getting out of bed easier, move your alarm clock. The secret to success here is staying out of bed once you’re up and at ‘em.

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