Re-doing Daughter's Room With Our First Ever Furniture Builds

6 Days
My 19 yr old Daughter had asked that again for Christmas we make instead of buy her gifts , her metal bed frame broke 2 weeks before Christmas so a new bed became a necessity. (but of course had gifts purchased for her too :) )
I found the plans on Ana White's website -she has wonderful woodworking project plans Free! Links to each project are included in photo descriptions. I /we had all pieces completely finished and in place in 6 days total , our cost was a little more as daughter has spinal fusion rods and we did not want to use only slats under memory foam mattress as she would feel them so we covered slat braces we put in place with MDF. But this being said for all supplies to build and finish all 4 pieces came in just under $250.00!
She is thrilled with them and we are proud of how they turned out ! And now LOL Hubby realizes we WILL be making more furniture pieces for our home :) -
We made the following pieces : Platform bed, Headboard, adjustable stool/table and memo / picture board.
Her room is still a work in progress floors just installed and texture and paint on walls done recently (to hide paneling!) still need to install all molding , trim and let her decide how she wants everything arranged with decor etc.
Projects still to do are a TV table and shelving she likes (last 2 photos are of the ones we have all chose. ) and a rustic industrial light that fits in with furniture and paintings I did for her last year which she is basing room decor on and we purchased her new bedding with that in mind. (link here ) Lighting is still in undecided.
Besides the few decor pieces she has asked me to make from supplies I have on hand
Hopefully 1 day soon this will be complete and can post pictures of her whole new room.
LOL 1 busy Mama here. She just graduated High School early and starting college in a few months she will be living with us until finished with college and then when she goes out on her own can take all furniture with her.
This is the bed, table and memo board in place -but will be rearranged

Hubby helped build the platform bed as the wood is really heavy. We replaced feet in plans with industrial wheels so she can easily move (2 of which are lockable).

Link to bed plans
Close up of the headboard I did all work except the miter cuts Hubby helped with those and he attached headboard to bed.

(old bedding was in picture as new bedding was Christmas gift and bed was made and given to her early)

Link to headboard plans
Close up of the Stool/ table -- she can use as extra seating but was intended to work as nightstand. Her room is not large and a normal size nightstand was not going to work in the space.

Link to stool plans

Note: I am going to attempt to make these " 1 day soon" or at least the basic idea of adjustable in bar stool height changing up legs -- hopefully works.
Memo/picture display board. We changed up plans for this as we did not have enough plywood or MDF for size wanted and we did not want to hang something so heavy on the wall (thin heap paneling behind texture and paint) so we used luan we routed ut a groove on inside of frame pieces so luan slide into those before nailing them together. I could not staple jute to back as staples would have come through front so tied together--need to retie and tighten up. Otherwise made it same size as in plans and all the rest was the same. For paint I used chalkboard paint so if she wanted to caption any of the photos she takes she could.

Link to memo board plans
This is the table we all agreed on for her TV-- will have to do minor adjustments to make it longer for size we need but easily figured out. And "may" add metal element by changing out truss to pipes undecided on this yet.

Link to plans
This was designed for a bathroom but we feel will work perfect in her room to hold misc. items she has and can always make another of the hanging shelves or make first 1 larger if need more room, hooks can be used to hang purse, keys etc. whatever she wants.

Link to plans
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  • Deborah Deborah on Jan 12, 2015
    Ha, drums taking up room. Yet I love she's musical. My son has guitar and as a recent christmas gift a didgredoo. I want to hang these on the wall! Up out of floor! I would hang her TV if you can figure out DVR etc. One less thing to bother with on floor. Don't forget to hide your cords! also see DIY Media Shelves! Great solution for under the TV! Free Woodworking Plans another idea is to not let the TV have center stage. Do a gallery wall of things she loves surrounding it to disquise it, if you have wall space. Ive placed a pic below. You could do cheap bird art with box top lids in different colors! OR even better, faster....printed decopodge art or favorite photos of her and her friends! My son's room is also dark when window is shut, but we keep it shut curtains/blinds drawn because his room gets cold/hot in seasons. I have a few problems in his room I will share with you later. Have you seen those pics on my board? LMBO about the birds scared of live ones but has them on wall. How cute! BTW I love the painting you did! Im going to send you link on the pipe cost an DIY you may already have. Im so jealous of walk in closets! As of right this very moment my daugher has a box of clothes sitting in her floor! GASP! Can u say purge? We have way to much in common and I don't have any friends here or nearby that share my passion. So glad Ive found you, thank you for sending me the first message!

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    • Deborah Deborah on Jan 13, 2015
      @Cynthia E thats me well, ok a million and one! PS I love what you said long u need to live to finish all of the projects pinned! Amen! Amen!

  • Lynn Lynn on Mar 21, 2017
    Great job on the bed. Love, love, love it! Can't wait to see the rest of your projects!

    • Cynthia E Cynthia E on Mar 25, 2017
      TY Lynn , still many other plans ahead things to make