A Great Grandmother Gift With Love!

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My oldest granddaughter is having her first baby next month, I'm so exited for the new baby that I wanted to do something special for my new great granddaughter. She will be the 5th generation of women alive in my side of the Family! My granddaughter is planning to breast feed so I felt a rocking chair for the nursery should be a good gift for the two of them.
I started with this old mahogany rocking chair. I completely stripped the chair to the frame, it had 3 different layers of fabric plus a ton of staples and upholstery tacks. I saved the foam and stuffing since they were in great shape. I also saved the last layer of old fabric to use as a pattern for the new fabric.
After I had it bare bones I sanded it well, I cleaned all of the sanding dust with a wet cloth and let it dry. I spray painted the frame with Rust- oleum " chalked " paint ( linen white). I did 3 coats. I was surprised on how good the coverage was. After it dried I took it back inside my studio for upholstery.
This a pic of the back of the chair. I cut the fabric using the old fabric as a pattern. I fired up my air compressor and oiled my staple gun and I was ready for battle. I started by stapling the back part of the seat of the chair first, 3 staples in the middle, then I moved to the front and did exactly the same thing and moved on all the way around the chair. Then I completed the stapling from the middle towards the ends. I did the same for the top panel on the front and the back. It was surprisingly easy! To cover the staples I used white trim by glueing it on with hot glue. I think my granddaughter will be able to bond(no pun intended, lol)with her new baby in this rocking chair as she breast feeds! I feel so blessed that the Lord has given me such a beautiful family! I waxed the painted parts of the chair with clear wax for protection.
Suggested materials:
  • Chair   (Garage sale)
  • 1.5 meters   (IKEA)
  • Trim   (Fabricland)
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